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How to Send a Flower Arrangement

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There’s a reason why over 44,000 floral designers are found in the United States. Whether it’s for celebrations like birthdays or weddings, or somber occasions like funerals, we rely on these professionals to brighten spaces.

If someone you love has a special day coming up, you might want to consider sending them a flower arrangement. But, exactly how do you do this?

If you want to learn the answer to this question, you’re in the right place.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about ordering and sending flowers. That way, you can show your loved one that you care. Let’s get started!

Find a Company That Sends Flower Arrangements

The first thing you need to do when sending flower arrangements is found a shop. Now, there are two main ways you can do this. The first method is to find a local flower shop that’s found near the person you want to send the arrangement to.

This method is nice because you’re likely supporting a small business. However, you should make sure that the business is capable of delivering the flowers.

In many cases, they might just offer pick-up. Alternatively, you can shop on an online flower arrangement shop. These shops tend to have both a larger delivery area and a better selection.

Some might operate in the United States only. Others, like this flower delivery company, operate on a global level. Regardless of which method you choose, make sure you order in advance.

If you wait until the day of, they won’t get delivered. Typically, a good time range is two to seven days before you want them to get there.

However, if you’re ordering on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, make sure you do it at least a week in advance to be safe.

Decide On An Arrangement

Next, it’s time to pick a flower bouquet to send to your loved ones. The best way to do this will depend on what store option you pick.

If you’re going with a local shop in the recipient’s area, they may have a website that says what flowers are available. However, it’s still a good idea to call the shop to confirm what they have in stock.

This can be helpful if you aren’t sure which flower arrangement to choose for your loved one. You can ask the individual for recommendations based on what they have in stock.

With that being said, if you know your loved one has a favorite flower that’s not in stock, you might want to go with a different option. Online flower shops typically have a much more robust online interface.

This allows you to easily look through their selections and pick the best option.

However, if you aren’t sure which your loved one will like, you might be shooting in the dark without professional help. So, there are pros and cons to shopping at both options.

Place Your Order Online or Over the Phone

Once you have an arrangement that you’re satisfied with, it’s time to place your order. In order to do this, you will need the name and address where you want to arrangements delivered.

You’ll also need to give your name, credit card information, and any message you want to be included. Again, your ordering options will depend on the type of store you’re shopping at.

Online stores and some small businesses allow you to order flowers entirely online. Other shops will require you to call in to place your order.

Regardless of which option you go with, make sure you ask for a receipt of some sort. This will be important if your flowers end up not getting delivered.

Make Sure the Flower Arrangement Was Delivered

Odds are your loved ones will let you know once they receive their flowers with a thank you message. But what should you do if they don’t send you a message that they got it?

In these situations, you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to the recipient. There’s a chance they’re just going through a busy day and don’t have time to respond.

One solution is to call the person and ask, “Just checking to see if you got the flowers I delivered?” If you’re adamant about keeping the arrangement a surprise, you can also contact the flower shop.

They should be able to let you know if the flowers were delivered. If you find that the flowers were never delivered, then get your receipt and begin the refund process.

Can You Send DIY Flowers Arrangements

If you have flowers you grew yourself, you might be wondering how to send a DIY flower arrangement. Whether or not this is a good idea depends on how close the individual lives to you.

If they’re states away from you, it’s not likely that the flowers will arrive in good condition.

But, if they’re found in the same state, it might be possible with overnight shipping. Just make sure you follow these tips when sending DIY arrangements:

  • Clip the stems so they fit
  • Use a corrugated box with safe packing material
  • Don’t include water
  • Secure the arrangement
  • Wrap the vase if you include it

If you’re going with the DIY option, we recommend shipping through the US Postal Service.

Appreciate Learning About Flower Arrangements? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you learn how to send a flower arrangement properly. We know this process can be stressful if you’ve never sent flowers before.

Knowing which company and flowers to choose can be a tough decision. Just remember that at the end of the day, the thought counts. Your loved ones will appreciate the flowers no matter what you choose.

Enjoy learning about sending flower arrangements? If so, keep exploring our website to find plenty of similar topics that you’ll like.

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