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How to skip songs with Apple AirPods

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If you use Apple AirPods to listen to music, you can use your own AirPods to skip songs, eliminating the need to reach for your phone. You can go to the next music track as well as the previous music track just by touching your headphones. This is how you do it.

Depending on your AirPods model, you may be able to use the factory skip song feature, or you may need to set it up with your iPhone first. We will explain both methods below.

Skip songs with AirPods Pro or AirPods (3rd generation)

If you’re using AirPods Pro or AirPods 3rd generation, you don’t have to set anything up; you can skip songs on your AirPods out of the box.

To do that, while your music is playing, double-press the force sensor on the stem of your AirPod.

Double-tap the force sensor on the AirPod stem.
Apple Support

To go to the previous music track, triple-press the same force sensor on the stem of your AirPod.

So you can also pause the music by touching the force sensor and resume playing music by touching the same force sensor again. And that is.

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Skip tracks with AirPods (1st or 2nd generation)

If you have first or second generation AirPods, you’ll need to set up the double-tap gesture for AirPod to skip songs.

To do that, while your AirPods are connected to your iPhone, launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Then select “Bluetooth” and choose “i” next to your AirPods in the list.

I touched "Yo" next to the AirPods.

On the AirPods page, in the “Double-Tap AirPod” section, choose which AirPod you want to use to skip songs. We will select “Right”.

Choose an AirPod.

On the screen that follows, select “Next Track”. This will cause tapping on the selected AirPod to go to the next music track in the list.

Enable "next track".

Optionally, you can set the other AirPod to go to the previous music track. To do that, choose your other AirPod in the “Double tap AirPod” section and select “Previous Track” on the next page.

choose "previous track".

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Skip songs on AirPods Max

On an AirPods Max earphone, you can move forward by double-clicking the Digital Crown. Alternatively, triple-click the Digital Crown to jump back.

Press the Digital Crown on your AirPods Max.
Adrian / Shutterstock.com

And that’s how it makes it easy to change music tracks with your favorite wireless earphones and Apple headphones. Very useful!

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