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How to translate the emails you receive in Gmail

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To translate an email in Gmail, select the three-dot menu at the top right of the email. Choose “Translate message” to open the translation bar. Choose the language you want to translate from using the dropdown box on the left. Then choose your language from the drop down box on the right. Select “Translate message” to see the translation.

In these times, many people work remotely and with other people around the world. Language differences don’t have to stop you from communicating via email. You also don’t need to look for a translation tool if you use Gmail. The email service has a built-in translation function.

You can translate the emails you receive with just a few clicks. Gmail can even automatically detect the language and translate it into yours. Let’s dive.

Translate the emails you receive in Gmail

Visit the Gmail website, sign in with your Google account, and select the email you want to translate.

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Gmail can recognize that the message is in a language other than your own and offer the option to translate it in advance. If you see this and the languages ​​are correct, click “Translate Message” in the translation bar.

Link Languages ​​and Translate message in Gmail

Advice: If you don’t want the translation option for that particular language in the future, you can choose “Disable for: [Language]”To the right of the translation bar.

If you don’t see the translation option, select the three-dot menu at the top right of the email and choose “Translate Message.”

Translate message in email menu

You will then see the translation bar appear at the top of the email. From the dropdown box on the far left, choose the language to translate from, or choose “Detect Language” and let Gmail identify it for you.

From the list of languages ​​for a translation in Gmail

In the dropdown box to the right, choose your language. You should now see the default language in your Gmail settings. But if not, or if you want to use a different language, select it from the list.

Then click “Translate message” to see the translation.

Translate message link in Gmail

Advice: Check or change your default language by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner. Then select See all settings > General > Language.

You can return to the untranslated email at any time by clicking “View original message” in the translation bar.

See the link of the original message in Gmail

Optionally Always translate language

You can also make Gmail always translate emails you receive in a specific language.

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After translating the message, select “Always translate: [Language]”On the right side of the translation bar.

Always translate the link in Gmail

You’ll see a short message appear at the bottom left of your Gmail screen, giving you the option to undo this action if you wish. But by saving the settings, you won’t have to go through the above process to translate emails.

If you decide later that Always Translate isn’t for you, you can turn it off. Open a translated email in that language and you’ll see “Don’t automatically translate for: [Language]”in the translation bar. Select that option.

Don't always translate the link in Gmail

The next message you see at the bottom confirms that you have turned off automatic translation for the language. Again, you have the option to Undo the action if you wish.

With so many translation tools available, communication has become easier and easier. Keep this translation tip for Gmail in mind and check out these little-known Gmail features that you might also find useful.

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