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How to turn automatic capitalization on or off in Google Docs

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Stop Google Docs from automatically capitalizing your text by choosing Tools > Preferences and unchecking the box next to “Automatically capitalize words.” Later, you can re-enable the feature by checking the box next to the feature.

Google Docs has a feature that automatically capitalizes the first letter of the first word in your sentences. It is one of the many tools that Google offers to simplify writing. If you don’t find the auto-caps feature useful, you can turn it off (and back on again). We’ll show you how.

Note: The automatic capitalization feature is only available in the web version of Google Docs.

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Disable (or enable) automatic capitalization in Google Docs

Get started by launching Google Docs in your favorite web browser. Then open one of your documents.

Then, on the menu bar, select Tools > Preferences.

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In the “Preferences” window, in the “General” section, you will see the “Automatically capitalize words” option.

To disable the feature, simply click the blue checkbox to turn it off. To turn on the auto capitalization feature, check the box again.

Then save your changes by selecting “OK” at the bottom of the window.

Disable or enable "Automatically capitalize words".

Are you ready. Google Docs will now follow your custom auto-capitalization settings.

Are you aware of some of the Google Docs features that can help you create better documents?

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