How to turn off borders on the iPhone camera


Vasin Lee /

When shooting in 16:9 with the iPhone camera, you may notice that part of the viewfinder is covered by translucent black bars. That area will show up in the final shot, so let’s make it easier to see.

This doesn’t happen on all iPhone models; It seems to depend on the size of the screen and the cameras that your iPhone has. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed the black bars. We’ll show you how to turn them off.

Translucent bars on the iPhone camera.
Translucent bars on the iPhone camera.

First, open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Open Settings.

Next, go to the “Camera” section.

Choose "Camera".

Now, in the “Composition” section, turn off “View Outside Frame”.

deactivate "See outside the frame".

That’s all about it! Now you will only see exactly what the camera will capture clearly. It is true that this is a small annoyance, but every little annoyance adds up. Check one more off the list!

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