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How to turn on a PS4 – Daily Report

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Do you want to start or resume your game sessions? If so, it’s extremely easy to turn on your PlayStation 4, with or without your controller. We’ll show you how here.

Turn on a PS4 without a controller

A quick and easy way to turn on a PS4 is to press a button on the console itself. To use this method, press the physical power button on your PS4. The button will have a power icon.

The power button on a PS4

Your console’s power indicator light will flash blue and then white, indicating that your machine has been powered on. And that is. You can start playing now!

Turn on a PS4 using a controller

Another way to turn on a PS4 is to use its paired or physically connected controller. To use this method, on your controller, press the PS button.

Advice: Restart your PS4 controller if it doesn’t work.

The PS button on a PS4 controller

Your console will start to turn on.

Advice: If you’re trying this method with a paired controller and it doesn’t work, connect your controller to your PS4 with a USB cable and try again.

Now you’re ready to play your games, access your downloaded content, and change a variety of settings on the console to make it truly yours. Happy gaming!

What if your PS4 won’t turn on?

If your PS4 refuses to turn on using any of the above methods, make sure the power cord is plugged in properly. If the issue persists, use your PS4’s safe mode to troubleshoot, rebuild your console’s database, or factory reset your console.

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