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How to Unblock Spotify – Daily Report

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Spotify is one of the best ways to stream music on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, but it’s not always accessible everywhere. We’ll go over a few ways you can unblock Spotify, no matter if your school, employer, government, or even Spotify itself is preventing access.

Why Spotify may be blocked for you

There are a number of reasons why Spotify can be blocked, which roughly fall into two categories: First, you could have blocks set by your school or office, which we’ll call institutional blocks. On the other hand, you have regional locks, which prevent you from accessing certain songs, or even Spotify in its entirety, depending on where you live.

Institutional blocks are the simplest to explain: many schools, universities, and employers just don’t like people listening to music when they should be busy working or studying. It’s downright silly in an age where it’s become normal to listen to podcasts at work or stream some chill beats while you study, but there you have it.

Regional lockouts are a bit more diverse: some countries don’t have access to Spotify, usually due to some form of censorship (China is a good example), while some countries simply have different songs they can listen to, something that’s usually determined by the agreements that rights holders have made with Spotify.

It seems that these restrictions cannot be overcome, but there is good news: regardless of the type of block, they can all be easily bypassed with a simple tool called a VPN.

How VPNs Unblock Spotify

Virtual Private Networks are tools that allow you to redirect your connection, making it appear as if you are somewhere else. At the same time, they also secure your connection, so you can also browse without having to worry about being tracked, which is a nice bonus.

In the case of Spotify, you can simply redirect around the block, so to speak, and the enhanced security makes this rerouting undiscoverable. For example, if you’re in China, but want to listen to the US version of Spotify, you’d use a VPN to redirect your connection to the US, and that should fix it.

This also works for institutional blocks, only it’s a little less drastic: instead of a server on the other side of the world, you just use one in the same city or country as you. The same logic applies, you make a new connection that flips the block, and that’s it.

destruction of blocks

The way this works is that most blocks, whether set up by a government or a place of business, will block access to a certain IP address, the numbers that correspond to the address of a website, that belong to the site that do not belong. you want me to access. However, the IP address of the VPN server is not blocked, so you connect there and then jump to the site you want.

It’s a very simple trick, but it works great as long as you have good security. That’s why proxies, the less secure counterpart to VPNs, won’t work as Spotify will find out and block you. Read all about the differences between VPNs and proxies if you want to know more.

Introduction to VPNs

If all of the above seems a bit daunting, there’s no need to worry: VPNs are usually extremely easy to use. If you read our beginner’s guide to ExpressVPN (one of our favorites here on How-to Geek), you’ll see that it’s just a matter of downloading a package, waiting for the program to install, and then clicking a button or two. .

That said, VPNs do have a downside: They’re usually not free, so you’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. However, some smart shopping could help you bring the cost down to as little as $50 per year, depending on the service you choose; read our Surfshark review for an example, though be aware of the fine print.

Unblocking Spotify is a great way to access more music from more places, and the best VPNs out there can do the job, so if you don’t have Spotify, just pick the one you think works best for you and listen.

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