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How to unfollow everyone on Instagram quickly?

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Your quick reply:

  1. To unfollow all users on Instagram, you will need to use the Instagram++ app as it allows you to unfollow accounts at a faster speed.
  2. You can also choose the easiest way and delete the old account. To delete the old account, you will need to go to the Delete Your Instagram Account page from the web browser and then select a relevant reason. You must enter your password and click Delete (username).
  3. However, you can unfollow individual users from the “Follower List” of your Instagram account. But you shouldn’t unfollow more than 200 accounts in a day. This is the simple but slow method that you can use.
  4. You can also use the Combin Growth tool on your PC to not follow users en masse. This is a third-party tool that you use to log into your Instagram account to mass unfollow users who don’t follow you back.
  5. Cleaner for Ins (InstaClean) is an iOS app that can also be used by users who no longer follow in bulk.

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram quickly?

Follow the methods below to unfollow everyone on Instagram:

1. Using Instagram++:

Instagram++ is a modified version of the conventional Instagram app, but the only difference is that it offers so many additional features that the original app does not offer.

If you want to unfollow everyone on Instagram, you can use the Instagram++ app. However, you cannot use the original Instagram app together with the Instagram++ app. It is not possible to do this.

Using Instagram++

Therefore, you need to uninstall the original Instagram app first, and then install the Instagram++ app on your device by downloading it from the web. The app interface is very similar to the original Instagram app.

After installing the app, open it and then sign in to your account. Then go to your account profile page and click Following ready. Next, you will get the list of people you follow on Instagram. Click on stop following next to names one after another to unfollow them all.

2. Delete the account and create a new account:

If you want to unfollow everyone from your Instagram account, it will take a lot of time. Instead, you can delete your Instagram account, which is the easiest method, as there is no method or app that you can use to unfollow all followers with a single selection.

If you choose to unfollow all users individually, you will have to scroll through the long list of unfollow all followers one after another, which not only takes time but also a lot of work for you.

Rather, it is easier to start fresh by deleting your old Instagram account and then you can create a new account.

Here are the steps you need to follow to delete your account:

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: From a mobile browser, open Instagram’s “Delete Your Account” page by clicking the link: https://www.instagram.com/accounts/remove/request/permanent/

Instagram Delete your account

Step 2: Later, in the Why do you want to delete (username) box, select a relevant reason.

why do you want to delete

Step 3: Enter your password in the box below and then delete your account by clicking Delete (username).

clicking Remove username

Step 4: Then open the Instagram app. From the check in page, create a new account.

Video on how to unfollow everyone:


3. Unfollow everything manually:

Manually unfollow everyone

If you want to unfollow everyone without deleting your account, you can do that too. Since there is no direct way to unfollow users in bulk on the Instagram app, you will have to take your time and sit down to unfollow users one after another manually from the “Following’ Instagram app list.

However, you should keep in mind that you cannot rush, otherwise Instagram would find suspicious activity from not following too many accounts and thus disable your follower list.

Therefore, it is necessary to pause after unfollowing a user and you should never unfollow more than five or ten accounts in a minute. Mass Unfollowers on Instagram is a straightforward technique you can use to clear the list of users you follow on your account.

How to unfollow users who don’t follow you?

You can use the Merge Growth tool for users who don’t follow you on Instagram. It can quickly detect the profile that doesn’t follow you and show you a list. It is an online tool that you can use for free.

It can only be used on PC, MAC and Linux. You can’t use it on your Android devices.

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: You will need to download the tool from the web and open it. After launching the tool, you will need to login to your Instagram account from the tool.

Combine growth tool

Step 2: you will have to click Users option located on the left sidebar and then you will be able to see the accounts you follow.

click the Users option

Step 3: Click on not followers option from the top bar and you will be able to see the accounts that do not follow you.

Click Unfollower

Step 4: you can click Select all and then click Unfollow users option to unfollow these users entirely.

You can click Select All
click Unfollow users

Step 5: Don’t worry about privacy as the tool does not store or access any private information from your account.

🔯 Unfollow Tool for iOS: Cleaner for Ins (InstaClean)

iOS user can use the Cleaner for Ins (InstaClean) tool to unfollow users on Instagram. This tool allows you to stop following all those users who do not follow your account. It can list the account that doesn’t follow you on Instagram so you can unfollow them all with one click.

In addition to its unfollow feature, it is one of the fastest analytics tools that can be used for follower analysis, mass removal of posts from Instagram accounts, etc.

It is not available to be used on Android devices but only on iOS devices.

⭐️ Features:

These are the features of Cleaner for Ins (InstaClean):

  • Support night mode.
  • The app can track new followers.
  • You can also bulk archive posts.
  • You can watch the post performance also using this app.
  • Discover the best fan.
  • You can also see ghost followers.
  • It can support multiple accounts.
  • The premium version of the app is also very affordable.

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: Download the Cleaner for Ins (InstaClean) app store app.

Cleaner for Ins (InstaClean)

Step 2: Then open the app.

Step 3: You will need to log in to your account by entering your account username and password.

Cleaner for Ins login pages

Step 4: Click on Access.

Step 5: Then accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking Done.

clicking Done

Step 6: Click on Quick Selection then click Select all.

click speed dial

Step 7: Click on Action button.

Click the Action button

Step 8: then click stop following to unfollow all users together. then click IT’S OKAY.

click Unfollow

The bottom lines:

There are several ways to unfollow everyone on Instagram. Since there is no direct way to unfollow all users with a single selection, you have to use third-party tools and Instagram++ to do so. iOS users can use the Cleaner for Ins (InstaClean) tool for mass abandonment. However, you can also choose to unfollow all users individually.

Finally, you can choose the easiest method to remove the old account and create a new account to remove the old follower list.

Frequent questions:

1. How do I quickly unfollow everyone on Instagram?

You can unfollow everyone on Instagram individually from the list below. Instagram does not allow you to unfollow all users at once with a single selection.

So, you can unfollow up to 200 accounts in a day, and if you try to speed up the process, Instagram will temporarily ban your account or you can disable it. Following your account list. New users have a lower limit than old accounts.

2. How do I clear my Instagram followers?

You can quickly clean up your Instagram account’s follower list by unfollowing individual users. Since you are unfollowing accounts, the number of users on the Following the list is increasing little by little.

You can take your time and unfollow all users one by one to clear the entire list. But if you have a long list of followers, it may take a few days to unfollow all users.

Steps to unfollow users on Instagram:

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Go to the profile page.

Step 3: Click on Following.

Step 4: then click stop following next to the name of the user you want to unfollow and confirm it.

Step 5: The unfollow button will turn blue To follow once you have finished unfollowing a user.

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