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How to use Microsoft Excel templates for event planning

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Download one of these event planning templates from the official Microsoft Office template download site. Templates are available for a wide variety of events, including parties and baby showers, budgeting and fundraising, and guest lists.

Microsoft Excel is often synonymous with business finances, household budgets, and other numerical data. But Excel can also be a great tool for planning events like weddings, bridal showers, parties, and more. Read on for templates you can use to plan your next event.

From budget and guest list to music, you can spend more time getting ready and less time keeping track of everything. If you’re an Excel user who opens the app every day, consider using it for your next event.

event planning templates

The most successful events often start with a plan. With event planning templates, you can keep track of everything that needs to be done. And if you have other people helping you with your event, you can divide the tasks using your planner.

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Event planner and schedule

This event planner and schedule template works for just about any type of event. It is flexible enough to be used for a business seminar or family gathering.

Note: This is a premium template available for free with Microsoft 365. If you don’t have Microsoft 365, check out this event planning tracking template.

It has an Event Planner sheet where you enter the agenda, checklist, event categories, and key contacts.

Event planner and timeline excel template

Use the Expense and Income sheets for the financial parts of the event. Then review the budget at a glance on the Summary sheet.

Event Planner & Expense Timeline Template

baby shower planner

While this baby shower planner is perfect for planning an event for the mom-to-be, it can also be used for a bridal shower.

It comes complete with a guest list that includes the RSVP and the number of guests at each party. You can use the Food/Drink, Decorations, and Other Supplies sections to list everything you need to buy with costs.

Up to and including shower day, use the to-do list for what needs to be done and when, with spaces for notes.

Baby Shower Planner Excel Template

Whether it’s for a baby or a bride, consider this template when planning a party.

Party planner

Before the guests arrive and the dancing begins, make sure your party is planned with this party planner template.

Note: This is a premium template available for free with Microsoft 365. If you don’t have Microsoft 365, check out this Group Event Planner template.

The template includes to-do list sheets for pre-party tasks. You can also use the sheets to keep track of your food and beverage costs, the guests you invite and their RSVPs, and the activities you’re planning.

Party planner template to do with food and drinks

It also has a nice overview on one sheet that shows you progress, budget, and number of guests.

Party Planner Template Progress Section

Event Budget Templates

While event planners may include budgets, it may only be the budget you need. With these templates, you can plan purchases down to the last detail, stay up to date, and share your budget with other stakeholders.

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Wedding Budget Tracker

If there’s one event that needs a budget and a good way to keep track, it’s a wedding. Microsoft offers nearly 10 wedding quotes to choose from.

This wedding budget tracker template is a great option. It gives you a sheet to add estimated and actual costs for that special day. From the outfit to the reception, you can easily track it all.

Wedding Budget Excel Template

Then, check out the Budget Summary sheet to see how well you’re staying within budget. You can also add contributions from family or friends along with additional available funds.

Fundraising Event Budget

Another event that needs a solid budget is a fundraiser. You can make sure you stay within your organization’s means with this fundraising event budget template.

The template includes several sheets for expenses, income, income items, expense items, names, and an overview. Simply add the items, costs, income, and dates.

Fundraising Event Excel Template

Then head over to the Event Summary sheet to get a bird’s eye view of everything. You’ll see your fundraising goal, the amount, and the amount you still need to reach the goal.

See what was raised or spent, by whom, and when. Take advantage of filters in columns to sort or filter and sliders to view specific items.

Expenses and income of the fundraising event template

This template has everything you need for a one-day or ongoing fundraiser.

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Event Guest List Templates

Whether your contribution to the event is guest list tracking or invitations, you’ll appreciate this next set of templates.

wedding guest list

With this wedding guest list template, you can list the guests you plan to invite and keep track of everything from start to finish.

Once you add a guest, you can include your relationship to the bride or groom and the number of guests in your party.

You can also keep track of the seating arrangements and food options of your guests at the reception.

Wedding Guest List Excel Template

dinner list

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or need a way to keep track of guests for another type of event, try this dinner list template.

Although simple, it allows you to keep track of the date, the guests and the menu. Also, you can add the necessary notes. You can easily add sheets for different menus or foods for those with special needs.

Advice: Consider linking the menu sheets to the Menu for each guest field on the main sheet.

Excel template for dinner guest list

When hosting a party that includes food, remember that some guests may have dietary restrictions. This template helps you keep track of not only the guests, but also the menu they will need.

Wedding List Templates

Checklists are a must when it comes to event planning. This is especially true for weddings, as every detail counts. Please note that these templates can also be used for other events. Simply edit the checklists in the template to suit your occasion.

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wedding playlist

When the reception begins, make sure your music selections are in order with this wedding playlist template.

Include the song and track number with artist and album details, so there’s no question about which tune you’re hoping to hear.

You can also add the length and what to use the song for, whether you want it to play during the first dance or the cake cutting.

Wedding Playlist Excel Template

wedding timeline planner

While this template is called the Wedding Timeline Planner, it’s technically a checklist of everything that needs to be done before your wedding day.

Note: This is a premium template available for free with Microsoft 365. If you don’t have Microsoft 365, check out this wedding timeline checklist template for Microsoft Word.

Start a year before the special day and plan what you need to do nine to 12 months in advance. Finish with what you have to do on the wedding day.

Just follow the timeline, add your own items as needed, and use the Done column to check things off as you complete them.

Wedding Timeline Planner Excel Template

Make sure you have the tools you need to plan and execute an event everyone will remember. These event planning templates for Excel can help you do just that.

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