How to use multiple accounts with Discord


If you manage multiple Discord accounts, the platform’s desktop and web app allows you to add all of your accounts to the app and then switch between them with ease. If this sounds like something you want to do, we’ll show you how.

The way this works is that you add your secondary Discord account to the app. Then when you want to switch accounts, use the app’s switch account option. Know that your two accounts stay connected, so you don’t have to enter your login details every time you want to use an account.

Note: As of the May 2022 write-up, the Discord mobile app does not offer the option to manage multiple accounts. You’ll need to use the Discord web or desktop app to use the feature.

Step 1 – Add a Secondary Account to Discord

The first thing you’ll do is add your secondary Discord account to the app. To do this, launch the Discord or Discord desktop app for the web on your computer.

When Discord starts, in the bottom left corner, click your profile icon and choose Switch Accounts > Manage Accounts.

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In the “Manage Accounts” window, select “Add an account.”


You will arrive at the “Add Account” window. Here, click the “Email or phone number” field and type in the email or phone number of your secondary account. Click the “Password” field and type the password for your secondary account. It’s easy to reset your Discord password if you’ve forgotten it.

Then select “Continue”.

And that is. Her secondary account is now added to Discord and you are ready to switch to it whenever you want.

Step 2 – Switch between multiple accounts on Discord

To use the secondary account on Discord, first launch the Discord desktop app or Discord for web on your computer.

When Discord opens, in the bottom left corner, click your profile icon and hover over “Switch Account.”

Hover over

In the expanded “Switch account” menu, select the account you want to use.

Select a Discord account.

Once you select an account, Discord will reload and you are now using the chosen account.

And that’s how you save yourself the hassle of entering your Discord login details every time you want to use a different account on the app. Very useful!

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