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How to use the Google AI chatbot

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Justin Duino / Instruction Geek

To use Google Bard, go to bard.google.com and join the waiting list. You can’t use a Google Workspace account to join the waitlist. After you receive an email saying you’re in, you can use the Google Bard on the Google website.

Google Bard is finally here to compete with ChatGPT and Bing’s AI chat feature. Anyone can sign up for the Google Bard waiting list today and use the experimental Google Bard preview for free. Here’s how to sign up for Google Bard and use Google’s AI chatbot.

How to sign up for Google Bard

To subscribe to the experimental version of Google Bard, visit the official Google Bard website at https://bard.google.com/. Click the blue “Join Waitlist” button to join the waitlist. You will need to sign in with a Google account.

Once you have joined the waitlist, you will receive the message “You have been added to the waitlist” from [email protected] When it’s your turn to try Bard, you’ll receive another email titled “It’s your turn to try Bard.”

On Google Bard’s launch day, March 21, 2023, it only took a few hours before Google invited our accounts to join Bard. The waiting list may get slower, or faster, in the future.

The Google Bard home page where you can sign up for the waiting list.

Google does not allow Google Workspace accounts to sign in to Bard. If you try, you will see the message “This Google account is not supported.” Google Bard also does not support user accounts belonging to persons under the age of 18.

You will need to sign in with a personal Google account to join the experimental version. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free. To switch Google accounts, use the profile button in the top right corner of the Google Bard page.

How to use Google Bard

Once you have access to Google Bard, you can visit the Google Bard website at bard.google.com to use it. You will need to sign in with the Google account that has been given access to Google Bard.

Google provides a simple interface with a chat window and a place to type your directions. You can ask questions or give directions. You can use it as ChatGPT or Bing AI Chat. Google Bard will also suggest prompts to demonstrate how it works, such as “Create a packing list for my weekend camping and fishing trip.” You can also tap the microphone button to say your question or instruction instead of typing it.

Google Bard introducing himself.

In the menu on the left side of the Google Bard page, you’ll find options for “Reset Chat” to reset Bard’s chat conversion, “Bard Activity” to control saved Bard chatbot activity associated with your Google account, and a “Frequently Asked Questions” that takes you to the Google Bard FAQ.

Google Bard allows you to click the “See other drafts” option to see other possible responses to your message.

Other buttons allow you to like or like an answer, feedback important to Google. You can also get a new answer (that’s the refresh button) or click “Google” and get traditional search results for a topic.

Google Bard waving.

Like all Extended Language Models (LLMs), Google Bard is not perfect and can have problems. Google displays a message that says: “Bard may display inaccurate or offensive information that does not represent the views of Google.” Unlike Bing’s AI Chat, Bard doesn’t clearly cite the webpages it pulls data from.

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Does Google Bard have an app?

Google Bard does not have an official app as of its release on March 21, 2023. However, you can access the official website bard.google.com in a web browser on your phone.

We’ll continue to update this article with more information as Google improves Google Bard, adds new features, and integrates it with new services. For example, Google has announced plans to add AI writing features to Google Docs and Gmail.

Microsoft announced the new Bing Image Creator the same day Google released Bard to the public.

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