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How to view (and delete) your TikTok watch history

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Hannah Stryker / Instructional Geek

To view your watch history, open your TikTok profile and tap the menu button, then go to Settings & privacy > Watch history. To delete the history, touch and hold the videos on the Play History page and then select “Delete”.

If you want to find all the videos you recently watched on TikTok, your video history is just a few taps away. You can easily view, download and delete your TikTok watch history on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. That is how.

What data does the TikTok view history store?

TikTok’s watch history keeps a list of all the videos you’ve watched on the platform in the last 180 days. You can touch a video on the history page to view it as if you were watching it for the first time.

Please note that live videos or Stories are not included in your viewing history, so you will not see them on the history page.

You can also clear your watch history if you don’t want to keep a list of your viewed content. This will be a permanent action, which means you won’t be able to restore your watch history in the future if you want to. You will also not get this view history removed when you download your account data from the platform.

How to view your TikTok watch history

To see your viewed content, first, launch the TikTok app on your phone and select “Profile” in the bottom bar.

touch "Profile" on the bottom.

On your profile page, in the top right corner, tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and choose “Settings & Privacy” from the menu.

select "Settings and privacy" on the menu.

In the “Content and viewing” section, select “Viewing history”.

Choose "viewing history".

A “Watch History” page will open, displaying a list of the videos you’ve watched in the last 180 days. Scroll down the page to access all your watched videos.

View TikTok view history.

If you want to play a video in this list, just tap on that video and it will start playing.

How to Download a List of TikTok Videos You’ve Watched

If you want to save the list of TikTok videos you have watched, you can ask TikTok to provide your account data file. Like Google and Facebook account data downloads, this file will contain your viewing history and many other data associated with your account.

To get it, launch TikTok on your phone and select “Profile” in the bottom right corner.

touch "Profile" on the bottom.

On the next screen, in the top right corner, tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and choose “Settings & Privacy”.

select "Settings and privacy" on the menu.

Select “Accounts”.

Choose "accounts".

Choose “Download your data”.

select "Download your data".

On the “Download TikTok Data” page, at the top, tap the “Request Data” tab. Then, in the “Select File Format” section, choose “TXT” to get a text file containing your account information.

Finally, submit your download request by tapping “Request Data” at the bottom.

select "txt" and choose "request data".

TikTok will receive your download request and it will take a few days to process it (maybe sooner too). You can check the status of your request using the “Download Data” tab on the “Download TikTok Data” page. You will download your data file from this page when it becomes available.

Download TikTok watch history.

And that is. Your downloaded file will have your TikTok viewing history.

How to delete your watch history on TikTok

Do you want to delete a specific video, multiple videos or all videos from your TikTok viewing history? If so, go to the watch history page and remove any content you no longer want there.

To do so, on your TikTok profile, tap on the hamburger menu and go to Settings & privacy > Play history.

On this page, to remove a single video from your history, touch and hold that video. Then, in the message that opens, select “Delete.”

Choose "Eliminate" in the notice.

To remove multiple videos from your playing history, in the top right corner of your screen, tap “Select”. Then, tap on the videos you want to delete and select “Delete (X)” in the bottom right corner of the app. (“X” is the number of videos you have selected.)

Select videos and touch "Delete (X)".

If you want to delete all your watch history, in the upper right corner of the screen, tap “Select”. At the bottom, enable “Select all viewing history” and choose “Delete”.

active "Select all playback history" and touch "Eliminate".

In the open message, select “Delete” and TikTok will remove the selected videos from your watch history.

Choose "Eliminate" in the notice.

Your TikTok slate is clean. While you’re at it, learn how to delete your YouTube watch history, Instagram search history, and Google search bar history.

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