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Immutable Backing Web3 Startup Eterlast Emerges From Stealth With $4.5M Raise

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Quick grab:

  • Eterlast emerged from the underground with $4.5 million in funding.
  • The blockchain startup wants to build web3 gaming experiences.
  • Seed funding was supported by Immutable X, Supernode Global, Play Ventures, Active Partners, Stake Capital, and Founders Factory.

Eterlast has come out of hiding with a $4.5 million funding round backed by Immutable X, Supernode Global, Play Ventures, Active Partners, Stake Capital, and Founders Factory. The blockchain startup will use the funds to create NFT gaming experiences.

The company said Tuesday that over the next twelve months it will focus on building its user base and securing more brand partnerships.

A blockchain game is a gaming experience that allows players to earn cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (game assets like weapons, characters, and skins) from their in-game activity.

Blockchain gaming has become one of the most attractive options for mass incorporation into web3 (a next-generation Internet powered by blockchain technology that prioritizes user privacy, decentralization, and seamless communication systems). trust).

While developers have come up with exciting apps that foster user-centric communities, Web3 startups still face the challenge of mass onboarding to their platforms. To address this issue, partnerships with consumer-facing Web3 platforms have become a key aspect of the industry.

Eterlast’s sports and media franchise partners give you access to vast communities. The company works with brands to develop NFTs for their consumers, which can be used as part of gaming experiences.

Some of its partners include iconic boxing promoter Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions and UK-based union organization Rugby Players Association.

Eterlast is already in the process of developing blockchain gaming experiences based on the sports of rugby and boxing in collaboration with its two partners, with more coming soon despite the cryptocurrency crisis.

“We view NFTs not as a product, but as a technology that enhances the experience of today’s gaming, meeting, and live event use cases. With this vision, we are building holistic ecosystems that bring these three elements together,” said Eterlast founder and CEO Joan Roure.

The NFT gaming startup grew out of the UK-based Founders Factory accelerator program and also has offices in Barcelona.

Oli Strong of Supernode Global commented: “The team has done a fantastic job to date, securing impressive partnerships and IPs to integrate with their platform. In our opinion, there is a huge opportunity at the intersection of Sport and Web3 and Eterlast is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this.”

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