Instagram wants a video selfie of your teenage son


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Instagram announced this week that it is testing several new age verification systems. This includes recording a selfie video and sending it to an AI-powered facial recognition tool. The goal is for teens to verify their age and abide by the platform’s rules.

Meta, (formerly Facebook) the parent company of Instagram, requires its users to be at least 13 years old, and many get around that requirement by changing their date of birth in account settings. Worse yet, many change it to look like 18, allowing access to more content.

American teens trying to change their age on Instagram will be offered three different verification systems. Those are: uploading a picture of your ID, asking three adult IG users to vouch for the change, or sending a video selfie.

Instagram Video Selfie Verification

Before today, Instagram only had the option to take a picture of an ID to verify age. However, it now offers two additional methods that are quite strange. The first of them is “Social Vouching”. You can send three adult accounts to the company, which will contact them and allow them to confirm the change.

And the third option is the one that might raise some eyebrows. Users can choose to record a selfie video of their face from multiple angles and then submit it to Instagram’s AI verification system, Yoti. Reportedly, the software can easily verify people between the ages of 13 and 19.

Meta says that the technology cannot recognize your identity and only your age. The company stated that it hopes the new methods will ensure that teens have an “age-appropriate experience” on Instagram.

The company has faced criticism regarding the safety of teenagers and children, so it will be interesting to see how the general public receives this new system. All three verification systems are now available in the US and will likely roll out to other regions soon.

via AndroidPolice