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Interior Design Business: 3 Simple Strategies to Standout

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There might be a skewed view of what interior designers do in the general public. You already know your skills are extensive and go well beyond choosing a paint color or the right sofa for a room. 

When you decided to start an interior design business, you knew it would be fun and creative, but you probably are also realizing it’s hard work too. Part of that hard work comes in finding clients to keep your interior design business going. 

Whether your business is interior design, the law, or fixing roofs, you won’t be successful unless people know about you and trust you as an authority in your field. 

Read on to learn more about how you can get noticed for your design skills. 

1. Use Your Social Media 

One of the most important strategies for interior design marketing is to use your social media channels to highlight your business and skills. 

The average person spends 2.5 hours daily on messaging and social media channels. 68% of US adults have Facebook accounts. Nearly half of the world’s population has some form of social media. 

You must take advantage of this huge audience when you decide to share interior design ideas and market your business. 

Make a point of using your social media channels to showcase your work and interact with your audience. Develop relationships with followers on social media so they view you as an expert and turn into paying customers. 

2.  Quality Optimized Website With a Blog

Another important aspect of your interior design marketing is your website. In today’s world where nearly everyone has a phone and uses it to access information all the time, you need your website to be ready for it. 

Take the time to take a critical look at how you’ve organized your website. Does it really showcase what you can do as a designer? Is it easy for people to learn about you and your work?

Does the website make it easy for potential clients to figure out how they could hire you?

Then you need to do some things to make the website have good search engine optimization. If someone in your area is searching for an interior designer you want your website to pop up.

Share your interior design business ideas on a blog page on your website. Help potential customers to recognize you as an expert in your field by sharing and writing about what you do.

3. Develop Your Interior Design Identity

Sure, as a designer you must listen to your clients and hear what they want from you. You must be able to design beyond your own personal tastes. 

Yet, it’s also good to fine-tune your design identity. Do you want to specialize in a certain niche? Do you have a unique style that you bring to the spaces you design?

Don’t just work to develop this, but also to showcase it so future clients can learn what you’re all about.

Jump Start Your Interior Design Business

For your interior design business to grow and flourish, it’s important that you’re focusing on interior design marketing and not just design. Sure, design might be your passion, but for your business to be successful you need to market too.

For more articles like this to inspire you, be sure to check out our blog often.

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