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Investing in Gold vs Silver: Which Is Better?

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It’s a debate as old as time itself. Well, at least as old as our modern financial system.

Gold vs silver, which precious metal is the better investment vehicle? They each have their unique characteristics, extrinsic value, and very different price points.

Both metals can be found in the millions of iPhones across the planet today, along with a majority of vehicles, jewelry, and many other applications. Regardless of which you choose, gold and silver are both in high demand.

Want to know which metal is worthy of your money as a long-term investment, to protect your capital from the horrors of inflation? Keep reading down below to figure out which metal to buy now.

Reasons to Invest in Gold

Gold has a very long history has a store of value. Many cultures and generations have valued gold and the objects it creates.

And up until 1971, US currency was backed by gold, giving the general public confidence that their dollar bills were actually worth something.

While in theory, both metals have a limited supply, gold is much more scarce. This means it’s much more valuable and can command higher prices.

Also, the price of gold is much more stable. It doesn’t fluctuate as much when the market is making a ton of noise. This makes it attractive as a long-term store of value, hedging against inflation.

Silver is much more volatile and can be a riskier asset in the short term. 

Reasons to Invest in Silver

Silver is much more abundant, meaning that it is much more affordable than gold. This means that investors can buy entire silver coins with their space change, unlike gold coins which currently hover at around $1,800. 

And because silver currently sits at a low price, many people believe that the price of silver has plenty of room to grow, while the price of gold sits relatively flat. 

In manufacturing, silver is in just as much demand as gold, since it’s used heavily in electronics, automobiles, and many other applications. This means demand for silver will always be high, and as the current supply is used up, the eventual scarcity will drive up the price. 

Gold vs Silver: Which Should You Choose?

You should buy gold if you have enough money to purchase an entire coin or bar. But only do so if you planning on holding long-term. It’s an inflation hedge, not a speculative asset that will yield any noticeable gains.

You should buy silver if you want the security that precious metals provide, yet the volatility and price action of an asset with plenty of room to grow. While primarily used as an inflation hedge instead of a yield-producing asset, silver has the potential to actually generate gains.

And if you want the most tax-efficient ways of investing in either metal, make sure you check out www.raremetalblog.com/lear-capital to learn about setting up a retirement that houses these rare metals. Assets like metal, with slow price movements, are best reserved for long-term retirement accounts. 

It’s Not Either Or

Gold or silver, which precious metal will you choose? The smart investor chooses both. Diversification is key to a healthy portfolio, both for assets in the same class, as well as different asset classes entirely.

The ratio of gold vs silver in your portfolio is up to you and your long-term goals. But there’s no reason to only invest in one.

Looking for more financial tips and tricks? Visit our blog now to keep reading. 

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