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Is it illegal to create a fake Snapchat account?

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It is illegal to pretend to be someone else with social media accounts if your actions are detected. If the fake account violates any laws, the person could be in trouble and action will be taken against them. Snapchat prohibits this type of activity in order to maintain the integrity of the platform.

However, if a fake account is discovered, it can be charged with fraud and the authorities can sue it for illegal activities.

However, before taking any action, you must first confirm this if the snapchat account is fake.

If you want to remove a fake account, you can report the account on Snapchat to request removal. You can even talk to the owner via Snapchat messages to have your fake account removed.

If you relationship for some time on Snapchat, the fake account would be removed.

In this article you will know if creating a fake Snapchat account is illegal or not. Also, you will be able to find other important details you need to know about a fake Snapchat account.

Is it illegal to create a fake Snapchat account?

Any account created primarily to fake things on Snapchat or other social media platforms is illegal.

  • When you create an account with a false name and other false details with the intention of impersonating someone else, it is against the law.
  • Snapchat is another social media platform where users can have fun and create different content.

However, there are some emotions on the Snapchat platform that create a fake account with a fake name and use it to conduct unfair business. Not only does this create a huge nuisance on the Snapchat platform, but it is illegal.

  • Fake accounts are often created where the owners pretend to be someone else, mostly a celebrity or public figure, and then trick the people who use them. It may not be seen as a big deal to the layman, but it’s not legal. Sometimes impersonating someone else on social media profiles like Snapchat by creating a fake account can cost you a lot.
  • But some users often create fake accounts just for fun and they don’t have any particular bad intentions. However, it is still illegal to create and use a fake Snapchat account. So even if it’s for fun, it’s still illegal to create fake accounts.
  • If a fake account causes some kind of public law violation, the fake account owner will have to pay high compensation or fine which will be decided by the court and according to the law. Fake accounts often violate many laws, public rights, and even commit crimes intentionally or unintentionally.
  • When a fake account engages in any type of offensive activity in which it violates fundamental laws or violates human rights, it is a punishable offense and will be prosecuted.
  • Snapchat prohibits users from creating fake accounts. If a user uses a false identity to create a Snapchat account, Snapchat does not provide support to the user in case a problem arises later. Since creating fake profiles is not only a punishable offense and can also degrade the integrity of the platform, Snapchat has a clear policy that makes it very clear that you refrain from creating fake profiles, even if it’s just for fun.

What’s up with this fake account?

There are several things that can happen if you create a fake Snapchat account.

1. You can be sued

Any user who has created a fake account using a false identity or stealing someone else’s identity can get in trouble if someone files a report against the account.

Fake social media profiles are mostly created to spam or pretend to be someone else to fool people. These fake accounts often engage in illegal activities and violate Snapchat’s guidelines.

If someone realizes that a Snapchat account is fake and reports it to the authority, the action is considered fraud.

If you run a fake Snapchat account, you risk being sued by the law for engaging in the illegal business of creating fake accounts by stealing someone’s identity.

Creating fake Snapchat profiles to spread hate or bully other users online is a serious cybercrime that is a punishable offence. If your account is reported to the department, they will report you on fraud charges.

2. Accounts will be deleted

Second, there is also the risk of losing a fake account. If your fake account is reported for impersonating someone else more than twice, Snapchat will close or ban your account. When a Snapchat account is banned, it is automatically deleted along with all of its data. The owner will no longer be able to access or use the account after Snapchat bans it.

How to remove fake Snapchat?

There are some ways that can help you remove any fake Snapchat account.

1. You can request Snapchat removal

If you are sure that someone is running a fake Snapchat account, you should report the account to Snapchat. You can do it using the official Snapchat app.

You will need to indicate the appropriate reason when reporting an account to Snapchat.

If you are sure that an account is fake, you can visit their Snapchat profile and report the profile to the Snapchat community.

Here are the steps you need to follow to report Snapchat to remove a fake profile on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app.

Step 2: Swipe right from the camera screen to access the chat screen.

chat screen

Step 3: You will need to find the profile that you think is fake and then tap on it.

look for the profile

Step 4: You will need to open your profile page by tapping on the Bitmoji profile icon.

profile bitmoji icon

Step 5: In the top right corner of the profile page, there is an icon with three dots, just tap on it.

three dots icon

Step 6: you can see the option Report as first option.

report option

Step 7: You must select the appropriate reason why you are reporting the account. To report fake accounts it is more appropriate to touch They are pretending to be me either Spam account.

They're pretending to be me or a spam account

Step 8: On the next page, you will have to describe the problem in a short and clear language, indicate the request to remove the fake account and press Send. Your report will be released in the profile.

snapchat send a report

2. Ask the person sending messages

If you have discovered that a profile is fake, but you want to check it before reporting it, you can use the indirect technique of sending messages to the user to delete the account.

Sometimes fake account owners are not aware of the consequences they may have to pay or face if they are exposed as scammers for creating fake Snapchat profiles. Many create fake accounts to have fun and make fun of people with no intention of harming anyone. Therefore, you can send a message to the owner of the fake profile on Snapchat to ask them to remove your fake profile.

You must also inform the owner of the results of running a fake account. If you can’t get the user to delete their fake account, you need to report the account to Snapchat.

The bottom lines:

Anything created under a false identity to fake things or mislead people is illegal. If your fake account is exposed, you may be taken to the police and various fraud charges may be filed against you. If you want to remove a fake account, you need to report the account to Snapchat.

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