Key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

One of the most recent versions of the Office package is 2016, it offers the same applications as always but with some additional and improved functions. However, in many cases, there are problems when acquiring your full license, so in this article, we are going to teach you how to get a key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016  and thus achieve its correct activation.

Importance of the key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

When you get this Microsoft Office package you get access to all the typical applications that have accompanied us for some years now, this 2016 version offers the same tools and also adds many additional functions that streamline many processes and also improves some others. , such as shortcuts, shortcuts, search engines within documents, and much more.

Whether it is obtained through a purchase or by downloading it from the internet or because our computer has been formatted, it is necessary to carry out the installation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 from the beginning. When doing so, the well-known applications of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, One Note, Outlook, among others, will be installed, and as we all know, these are essential programs for all types of office automation work.

In our continent, it is more likely that users choose to get this package by downloading it from an internet page, either because it is easier for them or for any other reason, this allows them to install and obtain all the tools of this package almost completely and totally free.

The problem of opting for these means arises when activating the software because being a pirate it is not original and therefore it will ask us for a password for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 since if we do not have it we will not be able to continue using some functions of the package and may even block access to them.

Today there are a large number of users who get stuck in this type of problem since not all are experts in the field, but the truth is that for this there are simple solutions that anyone can do.

From now on we are going to present you with some methods so that you can get a key to activate your Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.

Ways to get a key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Various activation methods are available for this process, either without programs, with keys, serial numbers or codes, or with executables and third-party programs, almost all of them have the same function and allow us to have a complete Microsoft Office package in a way. free.

Activate Office 2016 without programs

In this case, we start with the simplest method of all. Well, it is possible to activate your Microsoft Office 2016 without having to install a program, just following a series of steps that we will explain right away:

  • The first thing you should do is copy the code that we leave you in this link , and then paste it into a text file.
  • Now create a text file and paste the code that you copied in the previous step. To do this, go to the desktop, right-click, go to the option again and click on Text Document.
  • Then you must save the document in CMD format (so that it looks like the name you give it like this “activator-cmd”). As shown below:
  • Once created and saved, you must open it, for this select it and right-click, run it as administrator.
  • When you run it as administrator, it will start the automatic activation process of your Microsoft Office 2016, you only have to wait a few minutes for the process to finish and then you can use it without problems.
  • We recommend you check if it has been activated and then restart your operating system.

Activate Office 2016 using product keys

The second way to activate your Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is also very simple, this is to use the product keys to activate the package. In this case, it can be mentioned that it is a very safe activation method and that it does not pose major risks, that is why it is the most recommended.

The only point against or disadvantage so to speak is that the list of keys and serials is very extensive and only one can be used at a time. This is because if one does not work, you have much more available to test until Office 2016 accepts the correct one. You can get a key for Microsoft Professional Plus 2016 from the list below.

If you have the advantage of knowing exactly the version of Office you have, it will be easier for you to locate the key you need:

  • For Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016: XQNVK-8JYDB-WJ9W3-YJ8YR-WFG99
  • For Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2016: PD3PC-RHNGV-FXJ29-8JK7D-RJRJK
  • Microsoft Office Project Professional 2016: YG9NW-3K39V-2T3HJ-93F3Q-G83KT
  • For Microsoft Office Standard 2016: JNRGM-WHDWX-FJJG3-K47QV-DRTFM
  • Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2016: 7WHWN-4T7MP-G96JF-G33KR-W8GF4
  • Microsoft Office Project Standard 2016: GNFHQ-F6YQM-KQDGJ-327XX-KQBVC

Specific keys for Office 2016 office tools:

  • Word (For writing texts and making documents): WXY84-JN2Q9-RBCCQ-3Q3J3-3PFJ6
  • Excel (Make spreadsheets with mathematical formulas): 9C2PK-NWTVB-JMPW8-BFT28-7FTBF
  • Power Point (To create graphic presentations): J7MQP-HNJ4Y-WJ7YM-PFYGF-BY6C6
  • Publisher (To create brochures, resumes and others): F47MM-N3XJP-TQXJ9-BP99D-8K837
  • Outlook (To use mail services): R69KK-NTPKF-7M3Q4-QYBHW-6MT9B
  • Access (To create a database): GNH9Y-D2J4T-FJHGG-QRVH7-QPFDW
  • OneNote (To use as a personal address book): DR92N-9HTF2-97XKM-XW2WJ-XW3J6
  • Skype (Application for making video calls): 869NQ-FJ69K-466HW-QYCP2-DDBV6

If for some reason none of these activation keys will work for you, you can also try any of the following:

  • 2MHJR-V4MR2-V4Z2Y-72MQ7-KC6XK
  • MT7YN-TMV9C-7DDX9-64W77-B7R4D
  • 6 PMNJ-Q33T3-VJQFJ-23D3H-6XVTX
  • C2FG9-N6J68-H8BTJ-BW3QX-RM3B3

Steps to carry out activation with product keys

  • For this, you must first open any Office application, be it Excel, Word or any other.
  • The program will show you a box where it notifies you that you must activate the product. There you must choose the option “Have the product activation key”.
  • After this, it will ask you to enter a 25-character password to start the activation.
  • Then you must enter keys one by one until you accept the one that is correct. Once this is done, click on OK.
  • You will see that a message appears indicating that the “Product has been activated”.
  • After this you can start using any tool in your Microsoft Office 2016 without any inconvenience.

Activate Microsoft Office 2016 with KMS Auto

Another valid method to activate Office 2016 is using some third-party programs, for this case the executable called KMS Auto is available. Which can be downloaded free from the internet following the following instructions:

  • The first and most important step is to disable your computer’s antivirus. This is because normally antivirus detects software downloaded from the internet as viruses or malicious files, therefore they delete them immediately.
  • It is also recommended that you disable the “Windows Defender” service, this can be done from the control panel in the Security area.
  • Once this is done, you can download normally, at the end look for the file, which will normally be a zip or rar file, select it, right-click and then Extract here. If you do not have a program to open winrar or zip files, you will not be able to continue.
  • When the KMS Auto is extracted you must open it, for this, right click on it and click Run as administrator.
  • When it opens you must click on the option “Activate Office”.
  • The activation process will start for a few minutes.
  • At the end, the program will notify you that “the activation has been carried out successfully”.
  • Finally, you just have to close everything, we recommend you restart your computer and when you start you will be able to use all the applications of your Microsoft Office 2016 without any problem.

Activate Office 2016 with KMSpico

If for some reason this process does not work for you, you can download the updated KMSpico activator and carry out these steps:

  • First download the KMSpico activator from its official website.
  • Then unzip it and choose the file called “KMSELDI”.
  • Open it by right clicking on it and run it as administrator.
  • You will see that a box opens with several icons, there you must click on Microsoft Office 2016 and wait for it to run for a few minutes.
  • When you finish, you just have to check that the activation has been carried out correctly, to do this, open any Office tool you need.

Whether you use the KMS Auto activator or the KMSpico it is important that the computer where they are running has the “.NETFRAMEWORK 3.5” component installed. If you do not have this version of the component, you cannot proceed with activation through these programs, so it is recommended to install this feature. It can be downloaded from the Windows Update service.

To verify that Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is active

This is a fairly easy process to carry out and very important to know if any of the methods that we have described throughout this article are needed or not.

For this you just have to go to Microsoft Office 2016 and open any tool you want, it can be Word or Excel. There you must go to the “File” tab of the main menu of the program.

In the list of options, you will be able to see an option that says “Account”, click on it and the program will show you a box where all the information about the edition of Microsoft Office that you have installed is reflected. In this case, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and will indicate if it is active or if it needs to be activated.

What is the best method to get the key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016?

As for which is the best of the methods that can be chosen to carry out the activation of this Microsoft product, the truth is that they are all equally efficient, so it cannot be said exactly which is the best of them.

It all depends on the user because as we indicated at the beginning, the method without programs is the most reliable since it does not imply having to download pirated items directly from the internet. On the other hand, you can use product keys, which in this case are many, and if you do not use one, you should only use another from the long list of available keys.

In addition, if after using any of the first two methods, you can choose to use third-party programs such as KMS Auto or KMSpico, programs that you only have to download from the internet to run on your computer and activate your Microsoft Office, in fact, these executables sometimes they are the same as those used to activate some versions of Windows.

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