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Keychron’s Latest Keyboard Takes Our Favorite Shape – Review Geek

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Say hello to the fully split Keychron Q11.


Cutting a keyboard in half might seem like a strange idea. But we love split keyboards, as they’re incredibly ergonomic and can free up space on your desk. Now, Keychron launches its first fully split mechanical keyboard, the Keychron Q11.

Traditional keyboards have an ergonomic flaw: they require you to place your hands side by side, directly in front of your chest. This forces your elbows to pivot at an odd angle, pulls in your shoulders, and presses your forearms into your armpits. After a day of typing on a traditional keyboard, you’re left with a tense torso and a sweaty shirt.

The split keyboard layout solves this problem by separating the left and right surfaces of the keyboard. With a split keyboard, you can easily keep your shoulders square and elbows at a 90-degree angle, which reduces fatigue (and provides some underarm ventilation).

Split keyboards are somewhat of a rarity, so we’re very happy to see Keychron enter this space. The Keychron Q11 offers all the features you’d expect from this company, including a high-quality aluminum chassis, full RGB, hot-swappable switches, and five additional function keys on the left keyboard.

By default, the Keychron Q11’s left and right keyboards connect to each other via a USB-C cable. But you can use these keyboards independently, which may explain why they both have a customizable rotary knob. (If you want a little extra space, plug each keyboard directly into your computer, instead of snapping them together.)

You can order the Keychron Q11 today. The fully assembled setup is $205 and comes with Gateron G Pro Red (linear) or Brown (tactile) switches. Keychron also offers a basic, knock-down version of this keyboard for $185.

Keychron Q11 QMK Split Mechanical Keyboard

Get some ergonomic extravagance with the Keychron Q11 QMK split mechanical keyboard. It features all the usual Keychron goodies, including full RGB and hot-swappable switches.

Source: Keychron via PCWorld

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