Keychron’s Q9 mechanical keyboard is adorably small



If you’re a fan of Keychron, which makes some of our favorite mechanical keyboards, you’ll love the cute little Keychron Q9 QMK that’s now available. This fun-sized 40% keyboard gets rid of the extra keys and number keys, but is fully customizable or basic.

Yes, this is a 40 keyboard that still offers all number and punctuation keys (layered) with backlit LEDs and comes with a knob. With the Q line, you can completely build the keyboard in several different color options, or get a completely built setup from the Keychron itself.

This is what Keychron had to say about its latest small keyboard. “The Q9 is an ultra-mini 40% all-metal custom keyboard that is ideal for a variety of situations and will enhance your typing experience. With a fully CNC-machined aluminum body, double-gasket design, and QMK/VIA compatibility, the Q9 is the ultimate choice for ultramini keyboard.

Those who opt for the $159 fully assembled mechanical Q9 Keychron can choose from Carbon Black, Silver Gray, or Navy Blue color variants, along with Gateron G Pro Red, Blue, or Brown switches. For another $10, you can add the knob. Just look at it. He is so cute.

Keychron Q9 in blue

However, fans of the mechanical keyboard and the Q line will be happy to see that the basic keyboard is only $139. It’s available in barebones, barebones ISO, barebones knob, or barebones ISO knob. With these kits, you will still have the same three color options. Personally, navy blue looks better.

Unsurprisingly, we’re still getting the same set of familiar Q functions. It’s all about a durable aluminum case, hot-swappable switches, full side-mounted RGB lighting, and everything else that makes these keyboards great. It has a Mac/Windows switch on the back and a USB-C port.

Those looking for a 40% keyboard know what they’re getting into. For everyone else, you’ll have to customize all the feature layers to get your number keys back and remember where you put them, which is pretty important these days.

If you are a minimalist who loves a good typing experience, get yours from the link below.

via iMore