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Klipsch’s New Reference Subwoofers Are Ready To Go – Review Geek

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The familiar copper Cerametallic woofer is here to stay.


When it comes to high-end home audio, Klipsch is one of many brands that come to mind. If you’re a fan of sound and style, you’ll be happy to know that Klipsch has released a new line of reference subwoofers ready for you to turn the dial at 11.

The new Klipsch Reference Premiere Series subwoofers start at $749 for the 10-inch model, or you can choose from three larger, more expensive options perfect for any home theater system. These new models feature a refined design, beautiful exterior styling, rear controls, and plenty of power.

More specifically, Klipsch released its new reference subwoofer in sizes ranging from 10-inches to 16-inches for someone who wants the best sound, but will struggle. These are the four options available.

  • RP-1000SW: 10-inch woofer, 600 watts, 19-131 Hz ($749)
  • RP-1200SW: 12-inch woofer, 800 watts, 16.5-138 Hz ($999)
  • RP-1400SW: 14-inch woofer, 1000 watts, 16-141 Hz ($1,399)
  • RP-1600SW: 16-inch woofer, 1600 watts, 14.5-175 Hz ($1,799)

Power comes from new Class-D amplifiers, driving the company’s proprietary yet familiar copper Cerametallic drivers. You’ll notice a much deeper design than previous models. Klipsch says this helps even bring the basic 10-inch option down to a level low enough to reach the previous specs.

Cabinets have a sleek wood look with an impact-resistant vinyl finish, rounded edges, optional front deck grills, shock-absorbing feet so it won’t bump into your coffee table, and upgraded rear controls.

More importantly, the Reference Premiere series has what Klipsch calls an “Aerofoil,” the full-width port on the bottom that should enhance low frequencies and eliminate port distortion. Turn the guitar-style knobs on the back to adjust the lowpass and gain, put on some tunes or a movie, and enjoy the resulting sound.

Klipsch’s new line of Reference Premiere subwoofers is available starting March 1 at the link below.

via Digital Trends


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