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Know Your Singlets Styles

Singlets are a popular part of Australian culture. As a result, it has gone from merely modest clothing to a popular piece of casual wear in many countries and mens singlets are often worn as sportswear, vests, daily wear, leisure, and sometimes even as workwear. The ease of wear and practicality have made it very popular across the globe. 

However, this humble piece of clothing has its dos and don’ts, which one should follow when wearing its different styles.

Types of Singlets

Mens singlets come in many styles, ranging from slim-fit, loose-fit, longline, and more. Since singlets have become associated with Bogan uniforms, somehow, it’s important to follow a specific pattern while wearing one so as not to be mistaken.

Below are some style tips you can follow to avoid such situations while wearing your comfortable singlet.


Slim-fit singlets require a lot of confidence to wear but make for a great option as layering pieces. They are much more comfortable than standard cotton t-shirts.

You can try wearing slim-fit singlets underneath a jacket, shirt, blazer, or knitwear to give off a more casual vibe and wearing it as a layering piece makes it hard for others to notice it being a singlet. 

It looks more like a fitted cotton t-shirt than a singlet if worn underneath.

Loose Fit 

Loose Fit singlets are often preferred as compared to their fitted counterparts. Loose-fit singlets and knee-length shorts make a perfect breezy and comfortable summer outfit.

You can also try playing with prints and colours to add a slight hint of your personality to your summer outfit.


The longline singlet is a mix of slim-fit and loose-fit singlets. For it is long like the former and loose like the latter. 

So, if you are short, the longline singlet might not be a good option for you, given that even the taller category has a tough time working this piece into a fashionable outfit.

Instead of going solo with a longline, using it as a layering piece beneath your jacket or cardigan can be a better option. 

Sporty Singlet

A sporty mens singlet might be the easiest to wear and makes for perfect athleisure attire for a sports day or even to flaunt your athletic spirit on a summer day.

Pairing a sports singlet with either jeans or knee-length shorts along with your favourite pair of sneakers will give you the perfect athletic feel.

The Etiquette of Wearing a Singlet 

When you wear a singlet, you need to keep a few things in mind. Below is a list of the specifics of wearing a singlet that might prove helpful to you.

  • You cannot wear a singlet for a formal occasion (wedding, mitzvah, etc.) no matter how comfortable it is.
  • You cannot wear a singlet that has lost its fit. It’ll not look so good.
  • Do not wear any accessories if you are solo with a single, for it might make you mistaken as a bogan.
  • You must work out daily if you are a frequent singlet-wearer. After all, singlets look best with muscles.
  • You can use singlets as layering pieces in crowded areas and even go solo on beaches and gyms.


Mens singlets are undoubtedly the most comfortable and classic fashion pieces in the summer. So, make sure you are confident while sporting one.

If you are not sure about playing with prints, you can always opt for solid, clean colours; make sure you work them out in casual outfits.

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