Kodi on PS4? The best alternative to install

Kodi on PS4 is not available yet. Hence, we have this best alternative for your Playstation console.

Kodi is an open source program for streaming multimedia content. It will play almost all types of multimedia content directly from the network with the help of plugins. Kodi is a totally legal media player that comes with an official repository that contains many addons to access different services. At the same time, you can also install other repos and addons that load media content from illegal sources. PlayStation is a game console that offers a realistic gaming experience. Besides gaming, you can use PS4 to stream multimedia content from various sources. Unfortunately, Kodi is not available on PS4 until now. Officially there is no direct way to install Kodi on Playstation devices (PS4 and PS3).

So let’s see how installing the Plex app is one of the best alternatives for Kodi on the PlayStation. Plex is an official application found on the PlayStation Store. Despite the fact that Plex and Kodi are not close in terms of the features and flexibility that Kodi has. But still, Plex is a better option to use on the Playstation instead of Kodi.

For your information! We are working on a real method that could bring Kodi to the Playstation. But the process is a bit tedious and not everyone can go with the flow to achieve it. Keep visiting this page for more updates.

Steps to install and activate Plex on PS4

To install Plex on PS4, first of all, you need to connect your PlayStation console with the smart TV and make sure it connects to high-speed internet.

# 1: Turn on the PlayStation 4 console and open the PlayStation Store.

# 2: Here, looking and select the app Plex .

# 3: Click on the Download option and wait a few minutes.

# 4: Once the Plex app is downloaded, it automatically begins the installation process.

# 5: After the installation is complete, click Start to access the Plex app.

# 6: Now you have to Login with the Plex account.

Note : If you already have a Plex ID, just log into Plex. In case you are new to Plex, create an account and then log into Plex on PS4 / PS3.

# 7: After logging in to Plex you will see an activation code along with the link (https://www.plex.tv/).

# 8: Open your web browser at and visit the link above.

# 9: Click on the login option and simply enter your Plex account credentials that were previously used on PS4.

# 9: Now you have to enter the Code on the Plex website and click on the Link option .

# 10: After checking, a message will be shown as App Linked .

# 11: After that, you should open the Google Play Store on your Smartphone.

Note : Connect your PS4 PlayStation console and your Smartphone to the same WiFi.

# 12: Find and install the Plex app .

# 13: Open the app and log in with your Plex ID like PS4.

# 14: Now you go to the Plex settings and choose the system option.

# 15: From here you have to enable the following options,

  • Advertise as a server,
  • Show camera roll and
  • Network discovery.

# 16: Once the above procedures have been completed, you can stream all the movies and media content from your smartphone to the PS4.

Alternatively, you can also install the Plex media server on your PC or Mac and sync it with your Plex account. With this, you can access all the media and files saved on your PS4 console.

Our opinion

This way you can install Plex on PS4 to watch movies, TV shows and games in high definition. The same procedure can be followed to get Plex on the PS3 PlayStation console. With this, you can use some of the features that you get with Kodi on PS4.