last pass

After what seems like a lifetime, LastPass now automatically saves new passwords created on iOS and iPadOS. The update saves you from jumping between apps when generating new logins with LastPass. Additionally, LastPass can now autofill credit card information and save online forms to the vault on iPhone and iPad.

These features are a late addition to the LastPass iOS app, but not because LastPass is lazy or anything. Apple previously banned these features on its mobile platforms. It seems that the company changed its mind, possibly due to security concerns. Forcing clients to copy and paste login information means hackers can get this information via the clipboard, which is stupid!

LastPass suggests enabling autofill in apps and Safari to take full advantage of these new features. In theory, the app should feel much more intuitive on iOS and iPadOS after these changes.

This news comes just days after LastPass announced FIDO compatibility, which allows users to access the vault without passwords or biometrics. In theory, LastPass should feel much faster and more intuitive than before.

You may need to update LastPass to unlock these features on iPhone and iPad. Keep in mind that Apple has just enabled these features on its mobile devices, so other password managers will follow suit in the coming months.

Source: LastPass