We’re just days away from Google’s Pixel 7 launch event. Still, breaking leaks are the sweetest. And thanks to SnoopyTech, we now have leaked ads for the pixel 7the cousin Pixel 7 Proand the pixel clock.

These ads are meant for normal people, not idiots. They don’t contain a ton of groundbreaking information. And in fact, most of the features mentioned in these announcements are things that debuted on previous Pixel devices, like Magic Eraser.

But the Pixel 7 Pro announcement highlights an interesting addition to Google’s flagship phone: a “Macro Focus” mode that lets you take detailed close-ups of small subjects.

This is not a “new camera”. Instead, it appears that one of the Pixel 7 Pro’s cameras can pull double duty as a macro lens. Since this feature is not mentioned in the Pixel 7 base model announcement, we can assume that the Pixel 7 Pro’s unique telephoto lens is responsible for the “Macro Focus” mode.

Interestingly, Google mentions a new “Cinematic” video mode in its Pixel 7 base model announcement. It’s similar to the iPhone’s “Cinematic” mode, which provides a dramatic background blur effect that helps the subject of your video stand out. stand out (This feature is probably included with the Pixel 7 Pro as well.)

The leaked Pixel Watch ad is a bit boring, and unsurprisingly, Fitbit integration and hands-free Google Assistant are the smartwatch’s defining features. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t mention the battery life of the Pixel Watch in this announcement.

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