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Microsoft Edge will test a built-in VPN feature


Believe it or not, Microsoft Edge is actually a pretty decent browser these days. Admittedly, that’s because, under the hood, it runs on Chromium, but facts are facts. And here and there, Microsoft continues to add useful features, including a trial for a new (and free) VPN.

As first discovered by XDA-Developers, Microsoft published a support page that revealed the upcoming VPN option before it becomes available in the browser. According to Microsoft, future versions will come with a VPN feature powered by Cloudflare. Cloudflare is well known for its strict privacy stances and tools to hide your data from your ISP and other prying eyes.

As the support page explains, you’ll be able to turn on “Microsoft Edge Secure Network,” which will encrypt your traffic “even when using an unsecured URL that starts with HTTP.” It will also enable a virtual IP address so that websites you visit cannot track your location and target you as accurately. Instead, websites will see an IP address in a similar geolocation region.

When Microsoft rolls out the “Microsoft Edge Secure Network” feature, it will start as a limited test. VPN services usually cost money, and although Microsoft will provide this feature for free, it has a hard limit. You’ll only get 1 gigabyte of free data, and then you’ll have to wait until next month to use the feature again. That’s probably enough for basic browsing and email verification, but you won’t be using Microsoft’s VPN to stream Netflix.

Whether or not Microsoft will offer an option to pay for more data in the future is unclear from the current support page. The company says that the Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a trial only for now. That means Microsoft could abandon the feature altogether, if it ever does implement it. But a VPN built into a commonly used browser is a great feature for privacy.

Source Microsoft via XDA-Developers

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