More Ring Cameras and Doorbells now have end-to-end encryption



Amazon-owned Ring has been the subject of many privacy and security issues, especially with people other than the homeowner accessing video footage. End-to-end encryption is supposed to solve that, and it’s now available on more Ring security cameras and video doorbells.

Ring began rolling out end-to-end encryption support last year, which restricts access to cloud recordings using an encryption key on a phone or tablet. If you don’t lose your device or password, only you can access your recordings, not Amazon or law enforcement. However, it doesn’t support some Ring features, so it’s not enabled by default. When you enable end-to-end encryption, you lose video previews in notifications, view the camera feed on Echo Show smart displays, use Alexa greetings, and more. However, you can still open the app to view security footage.

The initial release was only available for the Ring Pro 2 and Ring Elite, but Ring said in a blog post today: “We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded support for end-to-end video encryption for battery-powered devices. . This brings an advanced encryption option to some of our most popular and affordable products around the world.”

end-to-end encryption should they now include the most popular Ring 4 and Ring Video doorbells, but Ring didn’t explicitly mention which models are now included. The relevant support article still says that battery-powered devices don’t support end-to-end encryption.

Via: TheVerge
Source: Ring