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Moving Company Near Me: Common Mistakes Made When Choosing One

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Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Often causing anxiety, illness, and insomnia, it can even last for months after the actual event. So how do you set your mind at ease during this time?

One way is by choosing the best removalist you can. Read on as we tell you what to avoid when looking for a moving company near me. 

1. Choosing the Cheapest Moving Company

When you begin looking for a moving company, have a rough budget in mind. Get quotes from a few to see who is the most competitive. But do not just go for a company based on price.

While you may be saving some money, it often comes at a cost. They may skimp on transportation, manpower, and packing. Inevitably, this leads to a less smooth move and could mean damage. 

Check what is included in any quote. How long will the move take? What is their insurance policy?

Once you have several in your price range, you can see which is the best moving company for your needs. Contact them and make sure you book in advance. 

2. Not Checking Their Credentials

When hiring a removalist, you can give yourself peace of mind by picking one with a great reputation and credentials. This way, you know they are reliable and that they will provide quality service. 

Start by checking online reviews. Any reputable company should be on business forums and social media. If they are not, it should raise alarm bells. 

If you want to go further then look at the Better Business Bureau. This will allow you to search by state for companies that have a solid reputation. If the one you are considering does not show up on the list, then you may wish to look elsewhere. 

3. Not Getting a Full Cost Breakdown

It is important to get a company in to look at your goods so they know what they are moving. When they provide a quote, make sure it is detailed, written down, and contains prices for everything. 

Some charges may not be written down, and you could end up with large fees added afterwards. Moving companies may charge extra for carrying upstairs, or there may be a mileage surcharge for distance traveled. 

Part of this is down to you, so make sure that you ask. Tell them you won’t pay for charges not previously discussed, and request a full estimation with all costs worked out. 

4. Failing to Plan Ahead

Moving can be one of the most stressful events you have to undertake. If you leave it until the last minute and fail to plan, this becomes even worse. 

Make sure you know where you are moving to and the access arrangements. You can inform the moving company of this beforehand to assist them. It also helps to have a representative from your party at the source and one at the destination to help things go smoothly. 

Finally, consider having a folder of documents you keep to hand. This can include maps, invoices, and keys for the new property.  

5. Failing to Get a Survey

Very few moves just involve neatly packed boxes. If you want the best price and the most efficient moving company, they should ask to do a survey. This may be either in person or online. 

When a survey takes place, the company can see what items you have. They will be able to identify heavy or odd-shaped items that could cause problems. They will also be able to identify possible issues and the volume of goods you need moving. 

Crucially, if you have any items of high value that could break, they should know about it. They may have to get specialist packing materials or crates to move them. 

6. Hiring a Broker, Not a Company

One of the best moving company tips is to hire a company, not a broker. In some instances, you may think you are speaking with a removal company but be dealing with one. 

A broker will take your request and sell it to a moving company. Not all brokers are bad news and they may put you on to a fantastic company. However, as you are dealing with a middleman this comes with all the baggage that brings. 

Many of them simply want to close the deal and move on. They don’t have the investment in customer service a reputable business would. When someone has physical premises, they are more likely to care and want to do a good job. 

One of the easiest places you could fall into this trap is when you search online. Many websites will look like moving companies but will be brokers. Make sure you check them thoroughly. 

Filling Out Numerous Online Quotes

This usually happens when you get pushed for time. The easy option is to fill in a lot of online forms and then wait for someone to get back to you with a quote. However, this is a very bad way of doing things. 

Firstly, you have not done your research. Waiting for the cheapest quote could end in disaster, as cheap is not always the best. 

You will then get bombarded with phone calls. At a time when you need communication channels open, to speak to people about buying and selling properties, it will block with numerous sales calls. 

Moving Company Near Me

Once you have searched for a moving company near me and done your research, make sure you book in advance. If you leave it late, you may not get the company you want. 

This article is one of many to help you settle in a new property. From moving to mortgages, check back and let us help build your dream home. 

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