Nanoblade, Corsair

Its Nanoleaf Smart Lights can now be integrated with Corsair’s iCUE software, delivering an immersive experience where lighting matches in-game content. It’s similar to the Razer Chroma integration that Nanoleaf recently introduced.

This integration also allows you to sync Nanoleaf lights with Corsair iCUE compatible accessories such as keyboards and mice. With iCUE, these products can match the color or movement of on-screen content and game sounds. And of course you can customize colorful profiles in iCUE to control your Nanoleaf panels or Corsair accessories.

Linking Nanoleaf products with iCUE is very easy. You don’t even need any Corsair accessories. Just install iCUE on your PC, open the app and enable the Nanoleaf integration. (This integration only works on PC.)

Please note that only a few games are compatible with Corsair iCUE. If a game does not support iCUE, its smart lights will not respond to on-screen content.

We must reiterate that Nanoleaf also offers Razer Chroma integration (as does Govee). This seems like a growing trend in smart lighting, and we expect other lighting brands to follow in the footsteps of Nanoleaf and Govee.

Source: Nanoleaf and Corsair