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NASA announces another new launch date for the Artemis I rocket

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NASA is ready to give you another chance. After the space agency’s epic new Artemis 1 mega rocket failed to launch in late August, and then again in early September, NASA has just announced that September 27 is the next launch date window for its Artemis mission 1.

NASA’s “lunar mega rocket” is an unmanned mission that aims to use its new Space Launch System (SLS) mega rocket to shoot Artemis I past the moon, travel more than 280,000 miles from Earth, and then return. in a safe way.

According to NASA, it will attempt to launch the mission on September 27, with a 70-minute launch window opening at 11:37 a.m. ET. Also, October 2 is the backup date if the computer has more problems. For those who don’t know, the first launch had engine problems, and then when NASA tried the second launch window, it experienced a hydrogen fuel cooling leak problem. Engineers tried and failed three times to repair the leak, eventually pulling the launch offline.

The third time is a charm, hopefully. The agency claims that all of its technical problems have been fixed, new seals have been installed on the hydrogen quick-release mechanism that failed during the second attempt, and now all systems are ready.

In an attempt to prevent another failed launch, NASA said it would conduct more tests on September 21 before the main event. These tests ensure that the newly repaired quick disconnects can handle the temperatures and cryogenic conditions you will experience during the actual launch of the rocket.

Basically, NASA ran into some problems, fixed them, and now hopes to send the Artemis I rocket into space in the early hours of September 27. If successful, the spacecraft will return to Earth on November 5. You’ll be able to watch it all unfold on YouTube.

Source: NASA

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