NASA’s new space photos are the perfect desktop backgrounds


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After launch in December 2021, the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope were released. These stunning photos give us a great look at the universe around us. They are also great wallpapers for your computer and phone.

NASA has posted the full high-resolution photos online. The photos show giant nebulae, thousands of distant galaxies, a black hole, and a binary star. These are parts of the cosmos that have never before been seen by human eyes.

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How does the James Webb Space Telescope work?

James Webb Space Telescope
James Webb Space Telescope POT

How does the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) get these stunning photos? There is a lot of incredibly sophisticated equipment on the telescope for its more than 20 years of potential observing in space.

The JWST is designed to capture infrared light. That means it can see deeper into the universe than previous space telescopes. Infrared light is captured by a huge 6.6-meter (21-foot) array of gold-coated mirrors.

Light is reflected from the massive mirror array onto a smaller secondary mirror. The secondary mirror then directs the light onto the science instruments. All of these delicate instruments are protected from the sun’s heat by five layers of protection that were deployed in space.

Download Images from the James Webb Space Telescope

As mentioned, NASA has provided beautiful high resolution photos of the JWST for anyone to download. All photos can be found on the official Webb Telescope website. Each photo is available in a few different resolutions and file types.

Note: The photos on this page have been scaled and cropped.

cute nebula

cute nebula

Stephan’s Quintet

Stephan's Quintet
  • Full resolution, 12654 X 12132, TIF (150.67 MB)
  • Full resolution, 12654 x 12132, PNG (181.64 MB)
  • 2000X1917, PNG (4.47MB)
  • NIRCam only, full resolution, 12654 X 12132, TIF (160.01 MB)
  • NIRCam only, full resolution, 12654 x 12132, PNG (172.05 MB)
  • NIRCam only, 2000 x 1917, PNG (4.88 MB)

South Ring Nebula

South Ring Nebula

Galaxy cluster SMACS 0723

SMACS 0723

This is an exciting time for people who love space. These photos are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can expect from the JWST in the next two (hopefully) decades.