‘NFL Plus’ replaces free streaming with one that costs money


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Nobody needs another pay and monthly streaming service, but that’s what’s coming later this summer with “NFL Plus.” The National Football League is expected to launch the new NFL+ service in July, and it will replace the free mobile streaming service that fans have enjoyed for the past several years.

Yes, the NFL’s new streaming service will reportedly cost about $5 a month, according to a report by the Sports Business Journal, which received the information from the NFL owners’ meeting this week.

In recent years, fans around the world have been able to watch live and in-market NFL games for free on a smartphone or tablet using Verizon’s NFL Mobile app or the Yahoo Sports app. These apps displayed all the games on the market, Sunday Night Football and all MNF games absolutely free. All you had to do was download the app and enjoy it.

With the new NFL Plus mobile streaming service, you’ll get the same experience. Only now, it will cost $5 per month. You won’t be able to see any games out of the market yet. So a Packers fan like me who lives in Vegas is out of luck.

Sounds like a big NFL cash grab, but we’ll have to wait and see what he has to offer to be sure. It’s worth noting that the contract between the NFL and Verizon has expired, plus Verizon has sold Yahoo!, which is part of why those apps no longer have exclusive mobile streaming rights to the NFL.

The platform will reportedly cost around $5 per month, but that is subject to change. According to the report, it will feature live games on mobile phones and tablets, other bonus content, and potentially even radio, podcasts, interviews, and a host of team-created content for fans.

For now, the only way to watch every NFL game in or out of market is through NFL Sunday Ticket and DirecTV, but that deal is about to expire. We’ve heard multiple reports that Apple and Amazon are at the top of the list for the next deal, and if one of those partnerships is announced, the NFL Plus service could be included in that package.

Either way, fans won’t be able to stream the 2022-23 NFL season on mobile for free like previous seasons. Instead, it will cost at least $5 a month with NFL Plus.

via SportsBusinessJournal