We have good news if you have been waiting for high quality glasses from the first Iron Man movie. The Nreal Air AR glasses have just gone on sale in the United States. Previously, AR headsets were only available in Asian markets and for Android devices.

The glasses look like oversized sunglasses and allow you to enjoy watching streaming services like Netflix and YouTube wherever you are. Devices can stream games through GeForce and Xbox Cloud services.

Nreal claims that Nreal Air is the equivalent of looking at a ten foot screen from 20 feet away. And unlike virtual reality (VR) headsets, Nreal AR glasses don’t obstruct your vision. So, you can see what is happening around you while watching or playing.

Interestingly, Nreal says that the Air AR glasses are compatible with iOS. However, Apple’s iPhone is not listed on Nreal’s compatibility page. And Amazon’s listing makes it clear that you need a special dongle to use the glasses with “Apple devices with lighting and Nintendo Switch.”

These augmented reality glasses have some key differences from the versions available abroad. The most notable of which is the lack of a camera. The Asian version of the device features outward-facing cameras to track physical movement, and the US version does not. Instead, the devices will only track user churn. Nreal also claims that the new devices will consume about half the power of their Asian counterparts.

So while our dreams of a full-featured real head-up display remain just that, the Nreal Air AR Goggles may be a good step in that direction. (That said, iPhone users may want to wait for clarification on the compatibility situation.)

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