NVIDIA sets the date for the presentation of the next generation graphics card


Michael Vi / Shutterstock.com

It’s been almost two years since NVIDIA revealed its latest series of GeForce 30 graphics cards, including models like the RTX 3080. Now, the company is almost ready to show off its next-generation cards.

NVIDIA confirmed during an earnings call that it will reveal its new architecture for consumer graphics cards next month, at the company’s GTC 2022 keynote on Thursday. September 20, 2022. We may not see new graphics cards ready to buy on that day (NVIDIA could reveal products for high-end server and workstation setups first), but we will see the overall architecture that will power upcoming GeForce GPUs.

NVIDIA also revealed on the call that gaming hardware demand was down 33% from last year and 44% from the previous quarter. The company said that is due to “challenging market conditions.” The global economy is experiencing some inflation right now, so fewer people are likely willing to spend hundreds of dollars on gaming hardware. However, the demand has also decreased – crypto mining is less profitable at the moment (if at all), so crypto farms are not buying all the available supply as it was a few months ago.

NVIDIA typically launches new generations of graphics cards at the high end, so we can expect an RTX 4080, 4090, and possibly other expensive GPUs before the new budget and mid-range cards become available. On the low end, Intel is starting to compete with its new Arc cards, though they’re not yet widely available outside of China.

Source: The Registry