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Online casino history : Beginnings of online play

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We invite you to learn a little about the history of online casino , this industry that quickly became popular and has more and more followers all over the world.

Beginnings of online play

The online casino , since its inception, is a form of entertainment and leisure that many of the vehement players enjoy. This online gaming experience has grown from its modest beginning to become the enormous multimillion-dollar industry of our days, present in every corner of our planet. Do you want to know more?

In its beginnings, online gambling did not enjoy the massiveness that it has in these times. Its exponential growth has been experienced in the last decade, due, in large part, to improvements in security and the quality of the games offered by the industry.

The first registrations of gambling entities are from 1994, in the small Caribbean country: Antigua and Barbuda. There, online casinos had been legalized and their users could receive licenses for various gambling sites. At that time, the use of the internet was not massive yet, therefore, the popularity of online gambling was low.

Dedicated software and mobile expansion

One of the reasons why online games were increasingly successful was the arrival of the first dedicated software developer. The pioneer company in this area was Microgaming, created in 1994. In recent years, mobile expansion has advanced by leaps and bounds, which favored the gaming industry and online casinos like EB Casino, which were constantly attracting new players .

Improved security

Another reason that helped the online casino gaming industry grow was improved security. Thanks to this, online gaming sites were increasingly trusted by customers. In 1995, Cryptologic began providing secure transactions. In October of the same year, Microgaming created the first real-money online casino.

What is Sands Casino?

Sands Casino is the successor brand of (formerly) Yes Casino, which competes for the 1st and 2nd preference among our casinos. Our Casino-affiliated Sands Casino started with Joy Casino-Korea Casino-Asian Casino-World Casino-Super Casino-Yes Casino-as of 2020, the brand continues to be Sands Casino. The historical tradition and safety of our casino is Sands Casino itself. Various events, quick recharge, and above all, the reason why many members-only come to the Sands Casino means that it is 100% verified. I would like to say that Sands Casino, a major site among our casinos, is faith itself for 14 years.

Isn’t it possible to join anywhere?

I don’t want to tell you the right answer first. It is true that you do not have to worry about getting stuck even if you sign up from anywhere, but if you sign up for Sands Casino through a promotional site that has closed agency activities, you will not receive various benefits such as activity coupons and O-ring coupons other than the headquarters. You may need to play and play a game. Therefore, signing up through our agency address ( casinobauble.com ), which is always in communication with customers, can enjoy the best and best coupon efficiency.

subsidiary where you can trust and play games without saying anything.

Sands Casino is also a transparent and clean online casino that, like Merit Casino, has never been posted on an online casino service in 2006. Even if you look through all the speculative communities such as the casino community and the Toto community, it is a record unprecedented to say that the Sands Casino has been spoiled. The best advantage of our casino-affiliated Sands Casino is the thorough image management so that it does not even allow you to go up and down in a small squirrel.

First progressive slot

Already in 1998, the online casino industry began to pick up the pace and gained popularity. It was during that same year that Microgaming launched the first progressive slot machine. The name of this slot was Cash Splash and it was based on an accumulated pot that grew with the bets made in the game and which you could access at any time.

The creation of this online progressive slot machine helped the development of the industry. In 2000 there were already around 700 operating casinos in the online market. Over the years, and with the growth of internet use, gambling and betting online became a cultural phenomenon constantly growing.

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