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Photoshop can instantly make your old family photos look brand new

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If you have a bunch of old family photos that have been marred by the ravages of time, fixing them in Photoshop probably sounds like an ideal solution. But while it is doable, the process is tedious and difficult. That is until Photoshop’s new neural filter arrives that gets the job done with a single click.

Photoshop showed off the new tool in a video on YouTube, and at first glance, it looks pretty powerful. On the first pass, with no additional options, one click repaired rips, cracks, and fading in an old, weathered photo. But that’s not all Photoshop can do.

With just a few more options, Photoshop filled in missing parts of the photo, corrected blemishes, and even colorized an old black and white image, all with a single click. Theoretically, you can do all of this right now in Photoshop: the coloring, content-aware fill, and mosaic tools are already part of the program. But it’s up to you to manually use each one to restore old photos, which can take time and tedious effort.

The beauty of the new neural filter is that it does all that work for you with a single click. You’ll need a relatively recent computer to use the tool, something running at least Windows 10 or macOS 10.15. And naturally, the more powerful your computer is, the faster the filter will run. But those aren’t strict requirements for anyone already living in Photoshop.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when Adobe plans to release the new tool: all the company will say is that it’s “coming soon.” The sooner the better, we say.

Source: Adobe

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