Picking Up Laptops For College: A Brief Guide 

Picking Up Laptops For College: A Brief Guide
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With the new semester of university starting, people are back at putting together essentials to return to school. In case you are going off to college for the first time, it would be great to stay prepared for all your classes by investing in a good laptop. 

Whether you are majoring in something that requires a fancy system or you need only the most basic of laptops, having one in your hand before the assignments flow in can be a great weight off your shoulders. Be it an ASUS laptop or tab, understand your options and choose the best out of them. You can even ask for your choice of laptop as a graduation gift if you run on a tight budget. 

Factors to Consider in a College Laptop 


As a college student, you will be moving around a lot. Across the campus for classes, libraries, and study spots, you need a laptop that won’t be hefty to carry around all day long. Any laptop with a screen size over 13.3 inches can work well. Going smaller than that is impractical, and going bigger than 15.6 inches means the weight of the laptop will be hard to manage. 


What do you need the laptop for? Is your course something that focuses on designing, coding, or other heavy-duty processes, or will you be using your laptop for writing assignments and preparing presentations alone? Depending on this, you can easily set a price range to choose a laptop. Look through the course matter beforehand and check if the college specifically requires you to have a Windows or Mac system. If there are no specifications, it opens up a wider range of options for you.   


Considering technological advances, you don’t need to sweat about storage. As a student, half your work will be cloud-based, and the rest will be papers and presentations that take up very little storage. Unlike a decade ago, when buying maximum storage was the aim, you can now opt for laptops that suit your purposes without compromising on speed. Even if you use the laptop for movies or gaming, a standard laptop can get you through college in a breeze.

Productivity Tools

For many courses, the Microsoft Office Suite is a must-have. If you find that your university is adamant about using these tools, then you need a system that hosts them. Purchasing Office tools can be pricey, but student offers can be availed if required. If you see that your college does not call for any specifications about the productivity tools you use, there are cloud-based tools that can simply make your life easier for free. 

Do You Need a Laptop?

This question may pop up in your mind from time to time when researching the selection of laptops. However, you need to understand that using a tablet and a removable keyboard is not a practical substitution for a laptop. There are too many parts involved, and you need to care for all of them. 

If you are someone used to digital textbooks and need a tablet to study, there are 2-in-1 laptops where the detachable screen becomes a tablet. There is an ASUS laptop that is convertible and made for students. So, the answer is yes; you need a laptop.

A new semester means starting fresh and putting your best foot forward. Do it in style by being prepared and topping your productivity game.