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Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch get the features you’ve been waiting for – Review Geek

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As if the December Android Drop wasn’t enough, Google is rolling out exclusive new features for the Pixel 7 smartphone and Pixel Watch. These features, which can increase the quality of your phone calls or improve your security, should be coming to your devices in the coming days.

Now, if you’re a hardcore Pixel nerd, these new features shouldn’t surprise you. They were announced months ago. But they are still quite exciting. (Note that your Pixel phone will also get new features and improvements from the December Android Drop.)

Pixel 7 Updates:

  • Google One Free VPN: Google One VPN is now available for free on the Pixel 7. This VPN typically requires a 2TB Google One cloud storage subscription.
  • delete call: Automatically improves the clarity of phone calls made and received by Pixel 7.
  • Recorder speaker labels– The recording app, which automatically transcribes conversations, can now identify different voices and apply speaker tags to transcripts on Pixel 7.

pixel clock updates:

  • new wear tiles: New Pixel Watch tiles, including Weather and Contacts, make it easy to find what you need with the swipe of a few fingers.

Additionally, Google is releasing a new set of pixel wallpapers (designed by Dana Kearley) to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities. These “Curated Culture” wallpapers depict cartoon flowers with assistive devices, including hearing aids, white canes, and wheelchairs.

This update does not include support for Spatial Audio, which will roll out in January (and requires a pair of Pixel Buds Pro). And the Pixel Watch’s fall detection feature, which was absent at launch, is still slated for 2023.

To receive the latest Pixel Drops, make sure your phone is up to date. You can check for available updates by opening Settings, navigating to “System” and selecting “System update.”

Source: Google


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