Plex on Roku: How to Install and Use [A Complete Guide]

Access your movies, TV shows, and music stored locally on your Roku device.

Plex is the easiest way to access audio, pictures, videos, and other media stored on your computer or NAS on any other Plex-compatible computer or device. The following guide will show you the steps to add Plex Channel on Roku . With the help of this application, you can remotely stream media files that are stored on your Plex Media Server computer to your Roku over the Internet. You can also allow your friends to access your files from their Roku devices. Along with streaming your personal media files, you can also stream other media files by adding plugins, apps in Plex along with Plex Pass.

The setup works on all Roku models, including Roku Express, Roku Ultra, Roku Stick, etc.

Install the Plex Roku channel

Installing the Roku channel on Plex is very simple. You can download the channel directly from the Roku channel store.

Step 1 : Launch the Roku device and make sure it is connected to the internet.

Step 2 : Navigate to the Stream Channels section and search for the Plex app using the Search menu .

Step 3 : Select the Plex application by clicking on its logo.

Step 4 : Click Add channel to app install.

Step 5 : Wait for the Plex app to install on your Roku.

Plex on Roku supports Direct Play which allows you to stream content at the original bit rate.

Setting up the Plex channel

In order to view media content, you need to activate the Plex channel on your Roku.

Step 1 : Launch a web browser on your mobile or PC and sign up for a Plex account.

Step 2 : If you already have a Plex account, skip step 1. Open the Plex channel on your Roku.

Step 3 : Select the Sign In menu on the home screen.

Step 4 : A four digit activation code will appear on the screen.

Step 5 : Now, visit on your mobile or your PC’s browser.

Step 6 : Log into your Plex account and enter the four-digit activation code for the Plex channel.

Step 7 : After entering the code, the Plex will automatically refresh to display the media.

Buy the Plex Pass to unlock Premium features

The Plex Pass is the premium version of the Plex service that costs $ 4.99 per month, $ 39.99 per year, and $ 119.99 for life. By subscribing to this service, you can unlock the following features:

  • Plex DVR
  • live TV
  • Plex Pass Perks
  • Control parental
  • Mobile Sync
  • Support letter and much more