Rachel Green is the last member of Friends

rachel green

Rachel Karen Green is the last member to join the group. Remember the pilot: she bursts into Central Perk while the other five Friends are as usual busy bubbling. Having fled from her marriage to Barry, a dentist with whom she is not in love, she tumbles into a wedding dress, just as Ross says he wants to remarry (first sign of fate). It is therefore the last of the band, but it is not unknown to everyone, far from it. She was indeed friends with Monica in high school, and knew by sight her brother Ross, already in love with her at the time, as well as Chandler, as we can see in the flashback episodes. The two friends then lost contact, once again making contact a year earlier, in the ancestor of Central Perk(“He who remembers”). Monica thus becomes Rachel’s best friend again. They are roommates for the first five seasons.

On a professional level, Rachel Green vegetates for two seasons as a waitress at the Central Perk (her colleague Gunther is also madly in love with her), before having a very brief experience at Fortunata Fashions. She found her first job exciting at Bloomingdale ‘s (with an unknown Mark the name that has views of it), where she works for Joanna Machiavellian, then at Ralph Lauren, where she rose in rank. This fashion enthusiast flourishes in these last two stylists. She thinks in the last episodes to work at Louis Vuitton in Paris, but, returning with Ross, finally declines the proposal.

But it is above all the sentimental domain that fascinates us about her, and more particularly the couple she forms with Ross, who offers us one of the two most endearing tandems of the series (the second being the duo Chandler-Joey ). However, our two lovers are rarely together in the end. After a first season where Ross tries as best, he can to confess his feelings to the beautiful (but you know his awkwardness in the matter), Rachel Green finally understands, following a blunder by Chandler, the feelings of the paleontologist towards him. She also becomes aware of her own feelings, but when she welcomes him on his return from a trip to China, Ross is accompanied … After a false start during the second season, the couple actually begins a few episodes later for a yearlong relationship. Bloomingdale’s thanks to the famous Mark. Ross is getting more and more jealous, pervasive and exasperating, and Rachel is always spending more time at work. She ends up asking for a break (or a break? The English word used is ”  break  ” which means both), and Ross, depressed and a drink in his nose, succumbs to the charm of the famous daughter of the photocopier. Rachel learns, and it’s the final break. There is certainly a rapprochement by the sea a little later, but Ross does not accept Rachel’s “conditions”: still no “Ross-Rachel”.

So we hardly see Ross and Rachel together. In the end, they spend more time looking for themselves, provoking themselves, arguing, bickering, getting closer … than finding themselves. Even when they get married, it’s after a night of drinking. Do they make a child? A simple accident (the condom was not operational), especially since they were not together  ” at the time of the facts”. This relationship is fascinating and offers memorable passages: the first kiss in the rain, the second after watching the videotape, Ross’s jealousy, his deception with the daughter of the photocopier, the explanation the next day in the living room, their various bickering, their video, their comeback in the last episode…

The flip side of this unforgettable relationship is that Rachel’s other love stories are far less memorable, even boring. They almost act as a stopgap, and we know anyway that they have no future, since Ross is always in the back of his mind. This is particularly the case for the insipid Joshua or even Danny “the Yeti”. His relationship with Tag is a little more engaging, but not really memorable either. As for the one with Gavin, which could perhaps have been more interesting, it is underused. Pity! And I prefer not to talk about his “relationship” with Joey, neither credible nor engaging.It will still have allowed the writers to hold a plot for a season and a half, all for a relationship that only lasts a few episodes, and which is completely forgotten as soon as it ends as if it n had never existed! Awesome!

At the family level, Rachel is not like many friends, like many of her friends: her parent’s divorce during the second season, and can no longer feel. His father is also a fairly hard man, even if she has a better rating with him than his sisters Jill and Amy, who remained at the same level as the Rachel Green of the beginning of the series, that is to say spoiled, interested, immature and capricious. We can guess, his relationship with his sisters is not very simple either … In this regard, it is quite surprising to learn that these girls are spoiled when we see the personality of the father, who is not really tall -something of a “daddy-cake”.

In terms of personality, Rachel seems to have less consistency than the other main characters. Aside from his deep love for what characterizes his character? Less obvious answer than for the other Friends. For Monica, for example, the words that come to mind are “despotic”, “maniac”, “obsession with children”. Chandler? Humor, fear of commitment. Joey? Man with women, simple, greedy… Ross? Methodical, meticulous, pedantic, shy. Phoebe? Wacky, quirky, generous, enthusiastic. What about Rachel? Not easy. You could say that she is passionate about fashion, but it is not a character trait. She is a bit spoiled as a child, but this trait is less marked than for the other characters. It was especially so during the first episodes, and this characteristic appears only rarely. Superficial? Maybe a little more than the others, but it is not obvious. Irresponsible and clumsy, certainly, but then again, it is not much emphasized. Regarding Jennifer Aniston, she is a pretty good actress, very energetic, but probably not the best of the six. For example, she too often uses her tics (her finger horizontal under her nose, in particular). Finally, from Rachel Green, we will especially remember her beautiful story with Ross as well as her very attractive physique (especially in seasons 2 and 10).

What the writers could have improved at her place : her “non-Ross” sentimental stories  are not very captivating. As well as the intrigue that revolves around his work, neither very funny nor really exciting. We can also deplore the fact that Rachel has, unlike the other main characters, no real dominant character trait.

Some of his best replicas:

Ross: Your money is mine, girls!

Rachel: And your open fly, who’s kidding? (1.18)

Rachel: Ross was never very good at cruising.

Ross: What, what are you saying, I didn’t get it. You have a bad memory: it worked with you.

Rachel: Ah yes you are right, indeed, we saw each other, you hit on me, and there whew! barely nine years later, you had me. (5.19)