Register Your Prime Video - | How to link to my Smart TV?

We explain how to get the code to link your Prime Video account with your Smart TV. Go to and follow the steps that we will mention below

Prime Video MyTV What is it?

Entering prime , you can link your Prime Video account to your Smart TV in a very simple way, to enjoy all the series and movies in high definition from your television.

First, you must download the application on your Smart TV by accessing the application store.

Then, you will have to go through the procedure to register your device in Prime Video. We will explain in more detail how to get the code that you must enter at , and which devices are compatible with the App.

How to download Prime Video on my Smart TV?

Before downloading the Prime Video App, make sure your device is compatible with the app. Here is the list of devices compatible with Amazon Prime Video :

  • Amazon Devices: Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Echo Show or Echo Spot, Fire Tablet
  • Blu-ray players: LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony
  • Game consoles with the Prime Video app: Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4 / Pro, Sony PlayStation 5 (including Digital Edition), Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Xbox One
  • Mobile Devices: Android Devices, iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Download the application by entering the application store:

  • Enter Prime Video in the search engine
  • Press “Install”, “Get”, “Download”
  • Please wait until the download is finished
  • Open the application and enter with your email and password

Link Prime Video to my Smart TV

To watch Prime Video on your TV, you will need to register the device at using an alphanumeric code that will appear on your TV as follows:

Next we will tell you how to perform the procedure to watch Prime Video on your Smart TV :

  • Download the Prime Video App and enter it from the applications menu
  • Press “Identify yourself”. You will be able to observe a 6-digit alphanumeric code
  • From a browser, go to the web
  • Identify yourself with your email or phone number and password that you created when subscribing to Prime Video
  • If you have not created your account, you must register with an email and password of 6 characters or more
  • When you are inside, you must enter the code that appears on the screen of your television and press “Register device”
  • You will see a registration confirmation message on the screens of your Smart TV, so your device will be linked to your Amazon Prime Video account
  • Finally, press “Continue” to start enjoying your Prime subscription from your TV.