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Rivian found another way to raise prices on the R1T and R1S

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This week, Rivian announced that it has made a difficult decision regarding its electric vehicles. The automaker will discontinue its more affordable Explore package for Rivian R1T and R1S electric vehicles, raising the price for pre-order holders.

The Explore Pack is the base version of Rivian for the R1T and R1S vehicles. With its discontinuation, pre-order holders will need to go back to the online configurator and upgrade to the better-equipped Adventure package, bumping the price up from $5,500 to nearly $8,500.

Essentially, Rivian found another way to raise the price of its vehicles after the failed attempt in March. Earlier this year, Rivian announced a price increase that instantly received a ton of backlash. A few days later, the company backtracked on that plan.

Pricing for the entry-level Rivian R1T “Explore” package was $67,500, while the top-of-the-line “Adventure” package starts at $73,000. And while that’s only an increase of $5,500, it’s still more than buyers initially anticipated. If you ordered an Explore package, you must now reconfigure the reservation with the Adventure model.

However, depending on your configuration, the price could increase even more. Several users on the Rivian forum expressed their frustration, with one saying his truck is now $8,000 more expensive than it was last week.

While this is certainly not good news for those involved, it should help the company in the long run. According to Rivian, almost all of the orders were for the Adventure trim anyway. And to date, the company hasn’t delivered a single Explore model. This move will allow Rivian to streamline its process, operation and offerings and help the company produce more trucks in a timely manner.

However, we have good news. Along with this announcement, Rivian confirmed which will now begin shipping the delayed inland package from Ocean Coast. By removing the Explore version, you can increase production, build more electric trucks and SUVs, and offer a new level of configuration on outgoing orders.

For those wondering, Rivian is still on track to offer its cheapest dual-motor variant in early 2024.

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