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Ruh-roh: 4 Tips for Puppy Proofing Your House

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About 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year. Puppies are normally the first animals to get adopted from shelters. Every day, new families visit various shelters around the country looking to add the newest family member. 

Puppies are always a great option for families so the children can grow up with them and so they have many years of love to come from the pup. Before you come home with your new puppy, make sure to begin puppy proofing your house. Not only can a new puppy cause damage to your home, but your home can be a danger to your pup as well.

Continue reading the guide below to learn about dog proofing your home with several puppy proofing hacks!

1. Switch Out Your Trash Can

When a puppy smells food in the trash can, it’ll feel tempted to get into the trash any way it can. Although proper training can teach a young pup not to dig through the trash, to help keep your puppy safe and your home clean, it’s time to invest in a trash can with a lid. 

This isn’t only true for your kitchen trash can. The same goes for trash cans in the bathrooms and rooms. Razors and toxic items found in bathroom trash cans are hazardous.

2. Use Rug and Carpet Protection Film

Puppy proofing furniture is important because it protects your furniture from damage and protects your pup from injuries. You can buy covers for sofas and deterrent sprays for wood surfaces, but don’t forget to protect your floors as well. 

Protection film placed over rugs and carpets are only a temporary fix but can preserve your floors during the puppy stage. ArmorDillo Strong protection film easily covers your floors and protects them from dirty puppy feet, pet urine, and other accidents. 

You can replace the film as needed and remove it completely once your little pup is house trained. 

3. Keep Chemicals Out of Reach

You might not think about it on a regular basis, but when you have a new puppy in the home, you need to reconsider where you store your cleaning products and other chemicals. If these chemicals are stored where a puppy can reach them, then you’ll want to change their location. 

Keep them up high, out of the puppy’s reach as well as any medications or other toxic items. 

4. Don’t Leave Small Objects Around

When you have a baby in the house, you don’t leave small objects around. Keep this same mindset when you have a puppy in the house. Puppies chew on and eat anything they can get ahold of. 

Always make sure any small children’s toys or other objects are kept off the floor to prevent choking or other injuries. 

Let’s Start Puppy Proofing Your House

The best time to start puppy proofing your house is before you bring your new pup home. Make sure both your home and puppy are protected to have the best puppy-raising experience possible. Use all the information given above to do just that.

To find more topics similar to this one, don’t forget to check back here on a regular basis!

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