Samsung’s next foldables could get a price hike from Flippin



Samsung will reveal the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 smartphones in just two weeks. But customers hoping for a deal may be disappointed: New leaks indicate that these phones are more expensive than their predecessors.

as seen by GizPaw, a European retailer accidentally listed the Galaxy Z Fold 4 on its website. It shows that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will start at €1,863 and include 256GB of storage in its base model. The upgraded 512GB configuration went on sale for a whopping €1,981. (The euro and US dollar are currently at par, so feel free to pretend these are dollar amounts.)

This price is in a strange format: Samsung generally limits itself to zero or nine at the end of its price tags. Still, it indicates a price increase of around €61 for the 256GB Galaxy Z Fold 4 (the previous model launched at €1,799 in Europe) and an increase of €81 for the 512GB model (the previous model cost €1899).

GizPaw The price of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 was also found, showing that customers can pay €1,080 for the 128GB model, €1,158 for the 256GB configuration, and €1,275 for an all-new 512GB upgrade. That’s a small increase from the latest figures: around €30 more for the base model Galaxy Z Flip 4 and €60 more for the 256GB model.

While Samsung’s prices tend to vary by region, we doubt the company only raise prices in Europe. Other smartphone companies, including Apple, are also expected to raise prices for upcoming products.

Samsung could have several reasons to increase the price of its foldables. There’s the global chip shortage and supply chain crisis, of course, but Samsung also (reportedly) has an overstock of its affordable A-series smartphones. These phones are just sitting around and losing value: raising the price of high-end devices could help Samsung offset some losses.

Of course, we are in rumor territory. We won’t know the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Flip 4 until August 10, when the phones are revealed at an Unpacked event. For what it’s worth, Samsung usually bonds to offer its newest foldable devices at a lower price point than previous models.