Solar generators have many advantages, but they also have a major disadvantage. They are very expensive. Jackory, which makes a range of high-capacity solar generators, is offering up to $1,080 off some of its products this Black Friday, so now may be an ideal time to buy one.

The offers are:

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is the pick of the bunch. It comes with a 200W solar panel, though versions with more panels are also available, and you can always purchase additional panels later. Its 2160 Wh capacity means it can power multiple devices when fully charged. And there’s a staggering $1080 off MSRP.

Black Series Campers has also teamed up with Jackery to give away a quarter of a million dollars in prizes. Anyone who purchases a Black Friday deal from the company gets free entry to the raffle. You can watch the awards being delivered live on Jackery’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. The live draw will take place at 2:30pm PST on November 28, the same day the Jackery sale ends.