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Scammers pose as family members to get your money

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You probably don’t think that a scammer posing as a family member will trick you, but many people already have. By the time the money has changed hands, it’s too late to do anything about it, so make sure you and your family members keep an eye out for this deceitful scheme.

How the scam works

This scam may not be new, but it is definitely on the rise, particularly using the WhatsApp instant messaging platform. Like other scams, this is a trust scam that takes advantage of the victim’s desire to implicitly trust the person they are talking to. Unfortunately, many have been caught this way.

The most commonly reported iteration of this scam has the scammer posing as a family member, claiming that they have lost their phone and have a new number. There may be a sad story to go with it, like they lost all their photos or they can’t access their online banking or other accounts right now.