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Search Online to Get Professional Pet Boarding Services

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Felt the guilt of leaving your pet behind at times when you had to make that rushed trip to the mall or to a friend’s place? Unannounced events make you feel stressed thinking of what your pet would do when you’re away or who would take care of him/her?

Many of us don’t know where to leave our loved friends when we’re away and be assured they’re well taken care of. It can become a challenge then not knowing which friend or relative would be willing to take up the responsibility.

A better option is available, which is pet boarding services. These are specialized places where pet owners can leave their pets while they are away from them. It is very similar to areas like a dog day-care only for extended periods of time. Before choosing the correct pet boarding center, it is very important that you assess its quality, safety, etc. to make sure that your pet can live as comfortably as possible. In this article, we will be telling you about a few signs that show whether the pet boarding you are choosing is good or not.  

Physically Visit the boarding facility 

 You should always make sure that you physically visit the area which is designated for boarding. You should check the arrangements made for the pets, whether the play area is large enough, whether there is an adequate number of staff, what are the hygiene standards, the nature of handlers, room provisions, and are small and big dogs being kept separately to ensure no anxiety. If the facility does not even allow you to tour the facility, you should probably move ahead and look for something else.  Do make sure you also spend time with the handlers and observe them with your pet.

Make inquiries with the Staff 

 This is very important, as these will be the people who will take care of your pet when you are away. Ask them all the questions about the facility. Ask them what kind of vaccinations and paperwork they require. Most good boarding places are very conscious of a pet’s medical history to keep each one safe. If they don’t, that could be a red flag clearly. Ask them all the questions you have about the staff like, is there 24-hour staff presence? Or how qualified the staff members are? 

Assess the Medical Situations and emergency preparation 

 The physical presence of a vet is very good, however, in case the vet is not present physically even a nearby veterinary hospital is good as it is key to have medical help at hand especially when you’re away. Learn about the evacuation procedure for the pets in an emergency situation to be assured about the safety of your pet in case any mishap occurs.  

Proper Exercise 

 The proper amount of exercise is very important to keep your dog happy and healthy so, you should make sure that there is an adequate number of exercise options and areas available. Check if there is a facility for daily walks and if there are play options for your pet.

Supervised Play 

 While most pets are not known to fight each other, some do get aggressive and fights do break out between pets. It is always a good idea to make sure that there is staff present at the play area for this purpose. In case, the facility says there is no such service available, please look for another boarding. Depending on your pet’s sociability the staff should be able to provide group play/individual play.

Make sure your pet spends some time at the facility prior to the stay

This is a necessary step to make sure that your pet gets familiar with the surroundings, the staff, and other pets. Let them sniff a bit and walk around. This is also good as it allows the staff to get acquainted with your pet and you should leave him/her in their care for some time to observe how they are around your pet to give you an idea of how they will handle him when you are not there.

We, at DCC Pet Hospital Gurgaon, have the best pet care facilities for your canine companion. Don’t hesitate to contact us while looking for Boarding Services for your pet.

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