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Should you use Apple exchange for your old devices?

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Apple Trade In is a quick way to get a gift card that you can use at the Apple Store for your old devices. You won’t get the best price, but you’ll get a quick response, and you won’t have to deal with the hassles or pitfalls of selling an item yourself.

Apple Trade In allows you to trade old devices for cash for new ones by simply bringing them to an Apple Store or applying online. It’s one of the fastest ways to turn unwanted devices into cash, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best deal in town.

What is Apple Exchange?

Apple Trade In allows you to trade in an iPhone, iPad, Mac or other unwanted devices to receive money off your next purchase. The amount you get will depend on the age and condition of your device, and any credit you receive will be added to a gift card that you can use to shop at the Apple Store in person or online.

You can use Apple Trade In by bringing your device to a store or by registering your device online. Apple will ship everything you need to return your device, and after Apple has verified the item and its condition, you’ll receive your gift card via email.

Apple promotion to get a gift card with Apple Trade In

You can also use Apple Trade In to trade non-Apple devices, although the service seems to heavily favor Apple devices. This is especially true when it comes to phones that aren’t smartphones, like old computers and tablets for which Apple doesn’t seem to offer any credit.

The service also doubles as a recycling point, which is ideal if you have a very old device with little to no street value that you simply want to recycle responsibly.

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Apple exchange is quick and easy

There are few easier ways to get some cash back for an unwanted Apple device than to take it to an Apple Store or sign up for an online trade-in. If you’ve been meaning to upgrade, you can switch on the day or during checkout and get some money back. This is arguably the biggest reason to use the service, as selling an old device yourself comes with a lot of hassle.

If you choose to sell an old device online, you should list the item, take detailed photos, arrange to receive money through a third-party service like PayPal, post the item, and hope nothing goes wrong along the way. In-person sales require you to meet someone in person to exchange money for an item of high potential value.

Apple Trade-In Value Estimates

Most of the time, second hand sales are simple transactions. Unfortunately, there are pitfalls to be aware of, such as scammers looking to take advantage of you, and personal safety considerations to take. You may not be comfortable meeting strangers to sell your item, even in a crowded public place.

On top of this, you can get more money if your cell carrier offers a promotion for your old iPhone or iPad where you get more money than you would if you approached Apple alone. This can help bridge the gap between what Apple is offering you and the current market price.

Selling your old gadgets is more profitable

The downside to Apple Trade In is that you’ll likely get less money for your devices than if you sold them yourself. The street value of your item could be hundreds or thousands of dollars more than what Apple is offering you, though keep in mind that a portion of that profit will be subject to seller fees.

As of this writing, eBay’s sold listings report that a used iPhone 13 can go for anywhere from $500 to $700, or more. Apple Trade In doesn’t take into account how much storage the iPhone has, whether it’s been kept in a case for its entire life, or whether the sale includes a power adapter and charging cable.

Apple is only offering $410 in Apple Store credit for an iPhone 13 of any description. As long as the device powers on and shows no obvious signs of damage, dents, or cracks, you’ll get your store credit. As a used seller, you can wait for the current market price of your devices and make more money by working to sell your device directly to a buyer.

This is even more pronounced with more expensive products like the Mac. A late 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max 16-inch with 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD can go for around $3000 on eBay, but Apple only offers $ 1155 store credit using Apple Trade In .

2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max 32GB 16-inch listings sold on eBay

The better condition your devices are in, the more money you will have. You might get more interest when you include peripherals like an Apple Pencil (with an iPad sale) or a handy USB-C dongle (for a MacBook), or any cases, covers, or bags you no longer need. These elements can help your listing stand out to potential buyers.

Lastly, any money you make from selling your item on the thrift market can be spent wherever you like once it hits your account. Apple only offers one gift card, which is only useful if you intend to purchase an Apple device directly from the company.

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Apple will only recycle “broken” devices

Apple’s Trade In website walks you through the rough valuation process that may also exclude your device from the Apple Store Credit program. Choose your device and then answer a few questions about the condition: does it turn on? Do the buttons work? Is it covered in dents and cracks?

Recycle your iPhone with Apple Trade In

In the case of an iPhone, if the device no longer turns on or is dented and cracked, Apple will only offer to recycle it for free. Even if the device is not of much use to you, you may still get something Do this if you decide to sell it online. Not only is there value in metals, but some people may also be interested in components like batteries and screens for parts.

What to do before getting rid of an old device

Be sure to erase your iPhone using a Mac or Windows PC with iTunes to remove your personal data, then remove Activation Lock before selling the device, regardless of its condition. You need to do the same for an old Mac, Apple Watch, or anything else that has your data on it.

If you choose Apple Trade In, a representative will help you do so at the store, or you’ll receive instructions on what to do before shipping your device if you choose the postal route.

Recycle or transfer your old devices

One final benefit of the Apple Trade In program is that it also doubles as a recycling program for almost any old smartphone, tablet, computer, smartwatch, or other device. Take them to your local Apple Store or apply online to recycle them, free of charge, safe in the knowledge that you’re not contributing to the landfill.

If your devices are still working properly, consider reusing them. There are many things you can do with an old Mac, and you probably know someone who would benefit from your old iPhone. If you can think of a useful way to extend the life of a device you no longer need, why not do it?

After all, older iPhones can live long and healthy lives and can even receive security updates long after support has officially ended.


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