Smartphone-like app folders can make it to the Windows 11 desktop


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Both Microsoft and its customers want more from the Windows 11 Start menu. That’s why Microsoft is working on neat little Start menu app folders, which give you quick access to groups of apps. But, as strange as it sounds, this feature could be extended to the Windows 11 desktop.

how was it discovered by Windows latestMicrosoft actually teased app folders for the desktop back in April. A small folder full of social media apps sits on the Windows 11 desktop, almost mockingly, during a segment of the company’s Hybrid Work conference. (Which was a very boring event, in case you were wondering why it went under the radar.)

A close-up of the app folder, which contains icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.
Windows latest

Technically speaking, you can already create “app folders” in Windows 11: just download a bunch of app shortcuts to a regular old folder. The benefit of this experimental feature is that it shows a preview of app icons.

And while I’m making an educated guess, Windows 11 app folders probably behave like folders on Android or iOS. They can expand with a single click, for example, or disappear when you click elsewhere on the screen. (Traditional Windows folders are opened with a double click and must be closed manually.)

That said, this is clearly an experimental feature. Microsoft probably didn’t intend it to appear in the Hybrid Work keynote and for all we know it could just be a mockup without any real functionality. There is no guarantee that Microsoft will develop or release this feature.

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