Sprint’s network is permanently out of service


Sprint error 104 How to fix the is...
Sprint error 104 How to fix the issue
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It took a long time, but Sprint’s terrible LTE network was eventually retired. That leaves zero Sprint networks running, as T-Mobile shut down the carrier’s old 3G CDMA network earlier this year. If you’re a long-time Sprint customer and your phone is failing, it’s time to upgrade or ask T-Mobile for a new SIM card.

Network consolidation and the transition to 5G was one of the biggest (and most challenging) goals of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. And I’d say it was a relatively smooth ride. T-Mobile gave away free 5G phones to customers affected by the Sprint 3G outage, and most people affected by the Sprint LTE outage can get around the problem with a free SIM card (which includes a credit of $10 for your bill).

More importantly, T-Mobile now has the largest 5G network. By a very wide margin, yes.

In addition to the closure of Sprint LTE, T-Mobile is in the process of retiring its 3G networks. Anyone using a 3G phone should upgrade today, as the 3G standard is in its final stages.

Customers with older phones should contact their carrier, even if they don’t have T-Mobile or Sprint. You’re getting to the point where you probably need a new phone, and your carrier can give you one for free.

Source: T-Mobile via The Verge